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Channel Marketing Strategy is the practice of applying appropriate marketing methods to distribution channels to reach customers.  Channel marketing strategy consists of developing go-to-market plans, educating channel marketers or middlemen about products or services, and motivating the members of the marketing channel to promote products and services.  Marketing and Sales Alignment is critical to an effective channel strategy. VisionEdge Marketing offers consulting services to develop your channel strategy and courses to help you better understand channel strategies and how to incorporate them into your marketing.

EdgeStart Service

This service within our SmartStart Services Suite™ delivers actionable channel recommendations derived from data that addresses the entire marketing mix (product, place, price and promotion) and clearly supports business goals. The plan includes objectives, strategies, timeline, budget, and methods of measurement.

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VisionEdge Marketing’s Strategic Marketing Academy™ (SMA) offers several professional development programs that equip today’s marketing, sales and product management professionals with the skills needed to handle marketing responsibilities.  There are three courses that will help you with Channel Marketing.

Strategic Alliances and Channel Marketing

This program explores the various common marketing channels and approaches to strategic alliances.  Participants will also learn about the Corporate Life Cycle, and how to determine their company’s place within that life cycle. Strategic Alliances will be covered by type, with an emphasis on qualifying criteria, benefits of different alliances, and how to design an alliance strategy that fits into an overall business strategy. Finally, the course looks at considerations for channel marketing strategies and how to determine your company’s channels.

Creating a Successful Customer-Focused Strategic Marketing Plan

Planning serves as the basis for all marketing strategies and decisions. A strategic marketing plan addresses product, distribution, promotion, pricing, positioning and promise and serves and the organizations’ blue print for action. The program reviews the components for creating a successful marketing plan and provides a template for creating an effective strategic marketing plan.

Strategic Planning for Profitability

This two-part work session is designed to help organizations produce a strategic plan. The components of a strategic plan are presented and participants develop a set of measurable, quantifiable objectives for the next 12 months that will allow the organization to achieve its mission.

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