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Three Basic Functions for Every Marketing Operations Functionmarketing ops5

To meet the rising expectations of the leadership team, marketing is undergoing a transformation to enable it to improve its operational and business performance.  As the need for a more transparent, efficient, and accountable view of marketing became increasingly more important, the marketing operations function emerged.  The marketing operations function enables the marketing organization to operate more like a business, with formalized processes, infrastructure, and reporting.

The bare essentials marketing operation function should perform at least three functions:

  1. Drive the processes for budgeting and investment decisions and more effective strategic planning.
  2. Lead the charge for marketing performance measurement processes.
  3. Identify and implement the required infrastructure to maintain the consistent implementation of processes.

The role of Marketing Ops is expanding beyond these basics, especially within marketing organizations serving as value creators. Within Best-in-Class organizations, the marketing ops function is moving beyond campaign automation and financial governance to facilitate alignment, accountability, and agility.

Marketing Ops has the opportunity to enable Marketing to become more effective by developing and managing the processes for setting performance expectations, monitoring progress, and measuring results. By creating or expanding the marketing ops role and skill set to include performance targeting skills and process and technology optimization, as well as strategic capabilities to drive change, Marketing can reach the next step on its performance management journey.

This level of proficiency requires a strategic roadmap. High performance marketing operations strategy roadmaps address the processes, data, resources, talent/skills, systems, and metrics needed to realize the strategy.

As marketers we need to focus on developing and enhancing the science-side of our skill set and leveraging marketing operations either as a function or a discipline to create a culture based more on facts than intuition. Even with a marketing operations function, a marketing organization cannot be successful without embracing a performance-driven culture.

Download the Marketing Operations: Enabling Marketing Centers Of Excellence white paper to learn more about how to establish or enhance a marketing ops function in our organization. Contact us for help with creating an effective and high performance roadmap that focuses on those areas that will have the maximum value and contribution to your business. 

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