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Our Core Beliefs and Mission

VisionEdge Marketing is a growth strategy firm founded in 1999. The bedrock of our growth strategy services and resources lies in our core beliefs.

  • Customer-centricity is the Only Way to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
  • Data-driven insights provide a competitive advantage.
  • Upstream marketing leads the strategy to grow customer success and value.
  • Performance and operational excellence scale growth and improve results.

Our mission is to enable our customers to fully reap the rewards of customer-centricity.

Proven over 25 years and 250+ companies from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar multinational companies, our services and resources are

  1. Tailored to your specific challenges, current and desired states, and goals.
  2. Actionable, affordable, effective, measurable, and outcome and best-practice-based.
  3. Delivered with excellence and superior knowledge transfer, making you the hero.

At VisionEdge Marketing, we’re here to guide you, equip you, and inspire you. Together, we’ll create a path to sustainable growth and exceptional performance.

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Our Growth Accelerating Services


Speaking Engagements

Inspire Your Event Attendees with New Growth Insights

Engage Laura to speak at your event. She delivers high-energy, inspirational, insightful, innovative, and interactive presentations. Bring the newest learnings, research, case studies, and proven strategies to your audience. Outcome: attendees gain actionable growth insights that can be implemented quickly to achieve high event ROI.

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Invest in Your Team’s Success with Practical Workshops

Engage Laura to facilitate your workshop. She delivers hands-on, practical, collaborative, and engaging workshops. Support your investment in existing employees and their ability to upskill and achieve new goals. Outcome: Team members armed with the newest best practices and processes to apply to achieve new goals.

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Put Practical, Interactive Workbooks to Work for You

Use these best-practice, affordable workbooks to achieve your growth goals. Workbook content is backed by decades of experience with 250+ companies. Benefit from VEM’s knowledge transfer designed for DIYers. Outcome: The benefit of best practices without the heavy costs of a consultant.

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Advisory Services

Gain Better Answers to Your Strategic Growth Questions

Leverage decades of success growing companies of all sizes. We provide best-practice and affordable advice you can trust, in 4 key areas: strategy, customer-centricity, performance and operational excellence, and data-driven insights. Outcomes: Customized and objective answers, insights, options, and recommendations that drive measurable results and enable more confident decisions.

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Identify and Address Performance Gaps with Assessments

Become a best-in-class performer with our best-in-class assessments. Assessments identify areas for improvement to achieve your performance, revenue, and customer-centricity goals. Receive an accurate picture of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the ideal state. Outcome:  You can confidently develop actionable plans to improve your business

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Create customer-centric, outcome based plans


Plan with the end in mind. Our Outcome-Based Mapping™ methodology visually creates a direct line-of-sight between activities, investments, and business results. Use Accelance®, a patented SaaS application to facilitate customer-centric alignment, improve accountability, and establish the framework for performance management. Outcome: A plan your C-Suite and Board will love.

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Solving your most difficult problems needed to drive growth, create value, and improve performance. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

Customer Case Studies

Learn why and how companies all over the world work with VisionEdge Marketing to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. Our case studies show how we provided measurable results in the areas of strategy, customer centricity, data-driven insights, and performance and operational excellence.

Growth Strategy

Learn how we helped customers like Certara, SW Air Cargo, Everything Blockchain, BOXX Technologies, Mott, Mojo, and Elsevier take a more customer-centric approach to growth.

Growth Strategy

How We Helped Them:

Increase Market Share> Create Strategic Value-Based Positioning > Elevate Sales Conversations > Develop Measurable Customer-Centric Plans > Increase Customer Engagement > Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment > Develop Customer Journey Maps > Produce Ecosystem Maps > and more.

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Performance Management

Learn how we helped customers like Kronos, Tektronix, Briggs & Stratton, Kennametal, BAX Global, The National Renewable Energy Lab, and Zebra Technologies improve alignment and accountability.

Performance Management

How We Helped Them:

Establish Measurable Objectives and Budgets > Select More Effective Metrics > Move from Tactical to Strategic Measures > Develop Performance Management Dashboards > Connect Function Initiatives to Business Results > Embrace a Data-Driven Metrics Approach > and more.

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Data-Driven Insights

Learn how we helped customers like TengoInternet, Tektronix, Motion Computing, Vignette, FiServe, InfoGlide Software, and Emergent Technologies make better informed decisions and turn the data into to solve business problems and attract, keep and grow customer value.

Data-Driven Insights

How We Helped Them:

Establish Data-Driven Criteria to Analyze & Prioritize Customer and Market Segments > Execute Research and Competitive Analysis to Create a Strategic Positioning Platform > Identify and Access New Market Opportunities > Gain Insights into Brand Preference & Loyalty  to Increase Revenue > Helped Prioritize Product Features and Functionality > Define and Implement Provider Evaluation Criteria and Purchasing Attributes > Acquire Insights Into Prospects> Increase Trial Rate > Reduce Sales Cycles > Establish Customer Advisory Boards > and more.

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Operational Excellence

Learn how we helped customers like Kronos, Kennametal, Centerpulse Orthopedics, and Abacode be more agile, strengthen their operational capabilities, and create a high performing organization designed to realize outstanding results and a competitive advantage.

Operational Excellence

How We Helped Them:

Improve Integration, Collaboration, and Operational Efficiencies > Improve Marketing Effectiveness > Create and Use Customer-Centric Outcome-Based Metrics > Develop New Tools, Processes, and Skills to Meet Competitive and Market Challenges > Produce Process Maps > Establish Centers of Excellence > and more.

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