Segmentation for Winning in the Market

Growth depends on effective market segmentation. Complete two fundamental steps before you can decide which market segments to pursue.

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Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop

Workshop Description The Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop (MCS) is an interactive work session designed to help organizations determine criteria and identify segments that would best meet this criteria. The following ground is covered: product category, pain points, market segmentation, criteria, ranking and weighting, segment selection. Companies seek market and customer segmentation assistance to prioritize multiple market […]

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Using Value And Fit For Your Customer Segmentation Model

Develop a data-driving customer segmentation model that helps you identify which customers and segments best to pursue. Here’s one based on value and fit.

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Avantage® an Online Application to Create Data-Derived Customer and Market Segmentation

A key component of every organization’s growth plan includes entering profitable market and customer segments – faster than the competition. There are 5 key steps in the pursuit of segmentation success: Establishing the right criteria for segmentation decisions Identifying and researching potential segments Ranking segment opportunities on an apples-to-apples basis Choosing the best-fit segments to […]

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Market Segmentation Workshop

What is it? The Market Segmentation Workshop (MSW) is an interactive work session run by VisionEdge Marketing. Its purpose is to help organizations a) determine the criteria that define the ideal markets for their products and services, and b) identify those segments that best meet the criteria. Why is it necessary? MSW provides a market […]

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Bolster Content, Segmentation and Enablement with Personas and Playbooks

Marketing and Sales share the responsibility of finding new profitable customers. To attract new customers, the sales and delivery teams must be able to articulate the business benefits. These groups often rely on marketing to create the processes and tools that enable the sales team to fine-tune and accelerate customer acquisition.   Invest in Three […]

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Take A Criteria-Based Approach to Customer and Market Segmentation

The best way to avoid pursuing market and customer segments based on internal biases is to take a criteria-based approach. Start with these best practices.

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How One of these Segmentation Methods Improves Your Targeting

Your segmentation method provides focus and strategic direction. Every company can take the following four steps to to develop better segmentation.

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Market Segmentation: Your Smart Tool to Deliver Growth

One way to address your growth challenge is through market segmentation. Here’s how to take a data approach to be smarter about your segmentation.

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VisionEdge Marketing Launches Beta of 3 Web-based Tools for Positioning & Segmentation Analysis

AUSTIN, TX, June 8, 2004 – VisionEdge Marketing, an Austin-based marketing consulting firm, launched a beta version of its Envisage Tools Suite™, which enables users take advantage of three separate tools that aid a company with positioning and segmentation. The Suite currently consists of Envisage Advantage™, Envisage Target™, and the Envisage Opportunity Calculator™. VisionEdge Marketing […]

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