With the Accelance® Blueprint and Outcome-Based Mapping Technology

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true, many companies are still not using customer or marketing metrics to help form critical strategic decisions.

Study after study claims that while many marketers are making progress when it comes to basic Marketing metrics, such as customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention, there is still a long road ahead for most organizations when it comes to Marketing performance management.

As a result there is a general sense of C-level disappointment with the marketing function. So if organizations are not going to use the metrics to make business decisions, then regardless of how accountable we make marketing, we’ve missed the mark. We contend that the marketing accountability issue is not one so much of metrics as it is one of alignment. Alignment is the critical success factor for improving marketing effectiveness, for moving from managing metrics to managing performance, and for using marketing metrics to facilitate change. Alignment may seem like common sense and a relatively easy fix, however, in our work with hundreds of companies, we have found that this is easier said than done. Most marketing organizations don’t have a process for ensuring alignment.

Welcome to the Accelance® family, a patent-pending Outcome-based Mapping™ Methodology that creates direct-line-of-sight from your marketing activities and investments to specific quantifiable business outcomes. It is a proven technique for connecting marketing to the business.  With Accelance® you can facilitate alignment, illustrate Marketing performance targets and metrics, and establish the framework for a Marketing dashboard.

Outcome-based Mapping provides a step-by-step process to link a specific set of marketing activities and investments to a defined set of outcomes presented in a visual format. The Accelance® Blueprint is developed from these primary work streams:

  • Discovery: A comprehensive review of the current plans, metrics, reports, performance management and processes.
  • Business Outcomes Formation: An onsite session to distill the input from the leadership team to create the desired Business Outcomes that are needed to produce the expected financial targets.
  • Mapping Collaboratory: A collaborative working session with the marketing team and other appropriate members to create the Blueprint
  • Blueprint Finalization: An iterative review and completion of the Blueprint (plan, metrics, and budget)


Adopt this methodology to strengthen results-oriented marketing planning, to report critical metrics that clearly tie back to business outcomes, and to implement a technique that fosters discipline in thinking. See how LexisNexis implements the Accelance Outcome-based Mapping Methodology here.

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