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We haven’t met a company yet who wouldn’t like to acquire more customers and do more business with their existing customers. Most organizations expect the Marketing organization to drive drive both customer acquisition and retention.

“Creating a customer is the purpose of business,” claimed Peter Drucker. Therefore finding and acquiring customers are Marketing’s first marching order. Followed by keeping and growing the value of customers.

Several capabilities impact your customer acquisition and retention success.

  1. Finding customers takes understanding the market, category dynamics, and customers wants and needs. Often this work requires solid sleuthing – in the form of both qualitative and quantitative research. The insights from this research along with your own data provide important guidance for identifying and targeting new customers.
  2. How well you know your customers’ buying journey, their personas, the content they depend up, the channels they prefer along with your ability to competitively position your offer affects how effective you will be with the acquisition side of the Marketing equations.
  3. Proficiency at building a plan that facilitates moving your prospects from education, investigation, and engagement to consideration and purchase.

Creating products and services that customers wants and understanding and delivering on their experience expectations impact your success at keeping customers and growing their value.

A variety of our consulting services are designed to help you find and keep customers and grow customer value.

VisionEdge Marketing helps companies develop their customer acquisition and customer retention strategies. Through our workshops/labs, consulting services, or Strategic Marketing Academy, or combination of these we can help you achieve one or more of the following:

  • Conduct research to identify market and customer opportunity, develop compelling competitive positioning and messages, create your customer journey maps and persons
  • Develop a customer-centric measurable outcome-based plan,
  • Aligns sales and marketing initiatives
  • Develop processes to improve customer experience
  • Use customer data to improve share of wallet, loyalty and advocacy

VisionEdge Marketing supports your Acquisition and Retention efforts through our SmartStart Services Suite. 

Our work speaks volumes! Learn how we’ve helped our customers positively impact their customer acquisition and retention initiatives.

Let’s talk if you’d like help to build and/or improve your acquisition, retention, and customer value results.

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