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Employing analytics and building models enable your organizations to deal with the increasing competitive and customer-driven environment.  Analytics transforms data into actionable business insights is an essential capability for improving both Marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

Measuring the right things and leveraging data to make decisions and drive results that are meaningful to the organization is the realm of analytics. Through data and analytics you can create your metrics, enabling you to effectively measure marketing. This ability relies heavily on access to valid data sources. Data and the associated analysis of this data – analytics – are used to drive marketing ROI, glean strategic insights, make faster and better decisions, and improve Marketing performance.

At VisionEdge Marketing we help our customers use data and analytics to make better business decisions.  We would love to hear from you if you are looking to understand:

  • How individual business decisions are interrelated
  • The potential impact of a decision on company value creation and the customer experience
  • The effect of customer, product, and market decisions on revenue and profitability
Use analytics to create models.

With the right skills its a short trip from analytics to model.

Take a Short Trip from Analytics to Models

Marketing analytics allows you to take a more scientific approach to optimizing marketing spending and developing essential marketing models.  In today’s data-driven environment every marketers needs to be able to leverage several primary models such as:

It’s not crucial that you build the models yourself, it’s just essential that you have the models and know how to use them. Take advantage of experts with experience.

analytics to models

Data and Analytics are the Building Blocks of Marketing Models

Take the plunge into marketing analytics and create a data-driven marketing organization and demonstrate your impact on and value to the organization. Start Now!

A key part of our process ensures that the marketing function is in agreement with the CEO and CFO on how marketing performance should be measured so that you are focused on the right data and analytics. We then focus on identifying the data and applying the right analytics to determine what is working, what changes may be necessary, and how to demonstrate your impact on and value to the organization.

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