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How to Tell if Your Marketing is Optimized for Performance

Performance management uses measures & standards to achieve results. Here are two elements needed to succeed at performance-based Marketing management.

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Is Your Marketing Dashboard Out to Get You?

Most Marketing organizations are producing & presenting some type of dashboard to their leadership team. Is your Marketing Dashboard working in your favor?

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CMOs: How to Make Sure Your Presentation to the Board Doesn’t Fall Flat

A lot of angst can go into creating your presentation to the board. These tips and questions will help make sure your presentations is a success.

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Assess and Measure Competitiveness to Stay Strong

Staying strong depends on regularly assessing and measuring your competitiveness. Start with these 10 questions to create your competitiveness metric.

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Best the Competition with a Compelling Value Proposition

A compelling value proposition enables you to increase the quantity & quality of prospective opportunities, & gain market share in your targeted segments.

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Easy Ways to Start with the Right Marketing Metrics

Behavioral metrics are important marketing metrics associated with customer and prospective customer engagement. Here’s how to select the right overall metrics and four measures for your behavioral metrics.

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Strengthen Customer Trust to Grow Revenue

If customers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. Here are nine additional practices to help you strengthen customer trust and advocacy.

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Proper Positioning Improves Your Probability of Success

Proper positioning is a necessary strategic investment. Use these proven practices to provide a higher return on your investments & prevent market failures.

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Stuck with a “Percentage of Sales” Marketing Budget? What You Can Do

There is ONE simple rule for determining a Marketing budget. It should be based on how each Marketing objective impacts and contributes to business outcomes

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Assessments and Benchmarks for Lasting Excellence

Ready to close performance gaps? Use assessments & benchmarks to collect information needed to identify gaps and pinpoint ways to improve performance.

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