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Customer Effort Measure – A Leading Indicator of Competitive CX

Developing a customer effort measure for each step in the customer buying journey and tracking it over time enables you to find and fix breakpoints, ultimately improving CX. A customer effort score (CES) measures how much effort (easy or hard) it takes for customers to interact with your organization. Create a CES score in 4 steps and use it as a meaningful leading indicator of customer experience and impacts customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

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Better Knowledge Transfer Improves Competitiveness and Growth

Effective skills and knowledge transfer are crucial to better enable organizations to stay competitive and scale profitable growth in ever-changing market conditions. We believe it delivers on four primary benefits: productivity, performance, continuous improvement, and a stronger brand. Explore four effective and affordable ways to implement a knowledge transfer initiative.

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Why Every Business Needs a Better Growth Plan

Is your growth plan up to the economic and competitive challenges facing your organization? Answer these 9 questions to see if your plan is the best, it can be. Then read on to learn the top 5 reasons why having a growth plan is mission critical, and the 5 best-practice processes for developing or improving your growth plan.

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Performance Management: Your Powerful GPS for Navigating Growth | What’s Your Edge?

Performance management is essentially your business’ GPS for successfully navigating to your destination – growth. By tracking, evaluating, and reviewing performance along the way, businesses can: a) Identify areas for growth and development, b) foster a culture of accountability, and, c) facilitate alignment between the organization’s customer-centric outcomes and business objectives. Explore the 3 most valuable benefits of performance management and 5 routes to better performance management and accountability.

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How Outcome-Based Vs. Traditional Sub-Account Budgets Serve Everyone Better

Sub-account budgeting isn’t the best approach. Learn why and how outcome-based planning and budgeting enables businesses to make better decisions, especially when cost cuts are required.

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Growth: Tea Leaves are Out. Data Insights are In | What’s Your Edge?

Decision-making is the core of good planning. Data trends and patterns are both important to data-derived insights to support decision-making.

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Recession? How to Make the Least Risky Budget Cuts

In down cycles, managing cash is critical to surviving and potentially thriving. Consider 4 key categories for making informed budget decisions.

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Growth Strategies: It’s Best to Have Enough Wood Behind the Arrow | What’s Your Edge?

It takes more than effort to have enough wood behind the arrow for any strategy to succeed. This episode employs a case study that highlights how a strategy without the right tactics and associated activities and resources missed the performance target and what they could have done differently to ensure success.

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