niche marketing to grow in an established market

How Niches Provide New Growth Opportunities for Business

If you are a customer-centric organization and have traction in a segment, tapping niches might enable you to grow your business. Take these three initial steps.

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peer engagement

The Impact of Peer Engagement on The Customer Buying Journey

Peers are playing an increasing role during the early stages of the customer buying journey. Use 5 steps to create a peer engagement program.

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established market

How to Carve Out a Future in an Established Market

There are three things you need to constantly monitor if growth is critical for your future and you’re in a well-established market.

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Why You Need to Look for the Non-Obvious in Your Data

Machines can be taught to identify patterns in historical data, but it takes a human skill to see and use non-obvious data to facilitate growth and create customer value.

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4 Steps to Avoid Confusing Buyers

How to Keep from Confusing Buyers

When customers are confused, they do one thing – nothing. Are you guilty of creating confusion? This post explores 3 types of confusion and 4 steps you can take to reduce confusing buyers.

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Embrace the Zero When You Don’t Have the Data

Avoid letting the lack of data keep you from setting a performance target. While it is always better to have data or better data, our suggestion is to embrace the zero! Here’s how.

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Why demand gen taked skill and patience of gardener

Why Your Demand Gen Takes The Skill And Patience of a Gardener | What’s Your Edge?

Demand gen is a fundamental capability of Marketing. 5 key gardening steps provide guidance for creating and sowing demand gen that yields quality customer conversations.

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How to Make the Data Work for You

In today’s environment, most every decision a business makes is based on insights derived from data. The key challenge is no longer data but rather making the data you have work for you. Here’s some thoughts and tips making your data actionable.

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