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How to Lower Your Risk of Entering a New Market | One Good Idea

Several recent conversations with new entrepreneurs as well as veteran business owners have been on the topic of entering a new market or new customer segment. In each instance, a key concern was a strategy for mitigating risk of entry.  While each person recognized there is always some degree the risk, they wanted to explore […]

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How Much Time Do You Spend Thinking About the Future?

Take a systematic approach to creating the future for your business. Start with these five categories of questions.

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Want Your Business to Grow? You Might Need to Break Some Patterns | What’s Your Edge?

Breaking patterns and creating new ones are essential to growth. Explore four patterns that will help you grow your business and improve performance.

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Process is at the Heart of Operational Excellence

It’s especially important for growth that Marketing achieve operational excellence. Here’s where to focus when it comes to business processes. 

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How My Grandfather’s Fishing Wisdom Applies to Customer Acquisition | What’s Your Edge?

The answer to the two important questions my grandfather asked before every fishing outing will improve your customer acquisition and Marketing and Sales alignment.

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Launch Your New Product Successfully

Bring a New Product to Market Without Reinventing the Wheel

Successfully bringing new products to market is a daunting task with many moving parts. This episode explores how to use a case study approach for the announcement phase of the product launch.

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Math is essential to Accountability, Logic Chains, Data Chains, Dashboards, Measurement, and Performance Management.

Logic and Math Two Essential Skills for Accountability and How You Use Them

Accountability is a vital component for performance management. Logic and math are two essential accountability skills.

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How Leaders Can Strengthen Business Performance Through Inside and Outside Focus

Stellar business performance depends on your ability to focus on what’s happening both inside and outside your organization. Optimize these four “outside” focal points to achieve greater success.

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