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How BODs Can Architect Better Strategic Customer-Centric Designs | What’s Your Edge

Customer Success, coined in the early 2000s, is more than a buzzword—it embodies customer-centricity. Why its rapid expansion? It’s not just a growth strategy; it’s THE primary strategy for value and lasting connections. In this episode of What’s Your Edge?, explore its link to customer-centricity and discover the 4 pivotal board roles guiding leadership in mastering this model.

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B2B Customer Experience: Balancing the Human Factor with Technology

Ever-evolving technology shapes our customer connections across all touchpoints. Chatbots, automation, and self-service redefine efficiency. Yet, finding the right balance between tech and the human touch is key. Ready to transform your approach and ensure lasting positive experiences? Here’s how best to embrace technology without losing the human connection.

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How to Fit the AI Tile into the Innovation Mosaic | What’s Your Edge?

The collaboration between human creativity and AI forms a masterpiece in the making, a sum greater than the parts. As we navigate this evolving landscape, together with AI we can take creativity, imagination, and original thought to new heights. Learn the 5 powerful ways to accelerate successful innovation through the best-fit combination of AI and human creativity.

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Measure, Test, Measure: A Proven Framework for Better Data-Driven Decisions

Successful companies like Amazon exemplify the power of Measure, Test, Measure. In the insightful words of Jeff Bezos, “What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tailwind is now a headwind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do.” Want to learn how to do it well now and in the ever-evolving future?

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4 Practical Tips to Avoid Confirmation Bias with AI

AI-enabled research can surface valuable insights and inform decisions. But AI-amplified confirmation bias can skew results and negatively impact business outcomes. How can you benefit from the upside while minimizing the downside? Learn 3 key research areas where this can come into play, 5 ways AI can amplify confirmation bias, and 4 practical tips to avoid it.

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Beyond Discovery: 8 Steps for Applying Business Insights

Business insights are essential for swift and confident decisions, innovation, and profitable growth. McKinsey’s research reveals that insight-driven B2B companies report above-market growth and EBITDA increases of 15 to 25 percent. How can you achieve similar results? Learn 4 ways to recognize data-derived insights; 3 sources of insights, and the 8 crucial steps required to effectively implement insights. 

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Sculpt Your Way to “Advantageous Excellence” Via Iteration | What’s Your Edge?

Go beyond Operational Excellence to Advantageous Excellence with its strategic focus on innovation, differentiation, and the development of unique capabilities. How can you make this your competitive edge? Iteration. Learn the 6 most important benefits, the 10 signs that it’s time to re-shape your business via iteration, and the 10 fundamentals of the iterative process.

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Does Your Growth Strategy Need an Intervention?

Customer-centricity plays a crucial role in every growth strategy. Whether you’re a budding startup or a corporate giant, crafting and executing a winning plan is vital. Wondering what makes a great growth strategy tick? Dive into 8 approaches, watch for 5 red flags, and adopt one or more of our 4 recommendations to revitalize your growth game.

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