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Why Business Transformation Must Start with Process, not Technology

When discussing the best approach for business transformation, our customers often ask two interrelated questions regarding process and technology. Read why process comes first and should inform your technology choice and not the other way around.

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How the Nuances of Vertical vs. Niche Market Approaches Impact Your Growth Strategy

The important nuances between vertical and niche growth strategies have implications for the solutions you create and how you go to market.

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How Rating Scales Are Composed and Affect the Quality of Actionable Insights | What’s Your Edge?

Well-conducted primary research can yield valuable actional insights to guide strategic growth decisions. To gather meaningful responses, it’s important to compose rating scales, a common form of questions, properly.

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Why Your Analytics Framework is Incomplete Without Valuable Aha! Insights

Achieving your growth goals requires excellent data, data analytics and data models. Which, in turn leads to valuable insights that answer your business questions, solve business problems, and facilitate business decisions. Here’s how to find your Aha! growth insights.

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How to Avoid Suboptimal Decisions in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Economic uncertainty can create stress that may result in suboptimal decisions that have long-term negative consequences to your growth strategy. Use data and insights to address five questions to ensure you make smart decisions.

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If You Want to Emulate BIC Analytics Mastery, Where Should You Begin?

Learn how your Marketing organization can use analytics to turn data into high growth-fueling, actionable insights.

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5 Important Steps for Growing Your Business in the Sea of Uncertainty | What’s Your Edge?

Five strategies will help you and your business grow and thrive in an environment filled with more hard-to-predict events and manage today’s tumultuous sea of uncertainty.

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Be More Effective with Attribution Models AND Performance Management Dashboards

How to use and improve effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and ROI, and decision making with attribution models and performance management dashboards.

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