Launch Your New Product Successfully

Bring a New Product to Market Without Reinventing the Wheel

Successfully bringing new products to market is a daunting task with many moving parts. This episode explores how to use a case study approach for the announcement phase of the product launch.

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Math is essential to Accountability, Logic Chains, Data Chains, Dashboards, Measurement, and Performance Management.

Logic and Math Two Essential Skills for Accountability and How You Use Them

Accountability is a vital component for performance management. Logic and math are two essential accountability skills.

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business performance customer centricity competitiveness data marketing customer centric

How Leaders Can Strengthen Business Performance Through Inside and Outside Focus

Stellar business performance depends on your ability to focus on what’s happening both inside and outside your organization. Optimize these four “outside” focal points to achieve greater success.

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Improve Customer Experience by Mapping it

To Improve Customer Experience You Need a Map

To improve the customer experience (CX) you will need a map. To create a CX map, you’ll need to take three initial steps.

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Off in Pursuit of a New Market. What’s Makes a Good Segment?

Many firms we work struggle to successfully identify and select a new market. Learn about a repeatable segmentation method that will help propel growth.

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Grow Your Market Share With These 3 Steps.

Your Competitors are Gaining Market Share – How About You?

Market share is among the most valuable metric a company can use to judge your competitiveness and the effectiveness of your growth and revenue generating initiatives. Master 5 areas and address these 3 capabilities.

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Beware of Relying on Technology as a Replacement for Strategic Thinking

How Technology Places CMOs at Risk of Losing Their Strategic Role | What’s Your Edge?

Here are 5 ways Marketing leaders can use technology to earn and keep a strategic role and keeps Marketing serving as a growth engine.

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Incorporate Productivity Measures to Improve Operational Excellence

Productivity Measures Improve Performance and Operational Excellence

Productivity measures are associated with measuring efficiency. Efficiency is essential to operational excellence. Support your operational excellence by incorporating productivity measures associated with these 4 categories.

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