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How to Use Content to Achieve Thought Leadership Results

Do you want to know how effective thought leadership can boost your business? How to achieve and measure thought leadership results? It’s all in here.

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The Simple Measure That Can Assess the Health of Your Business

In addition to conversion and win/loss rates, use the lead to sales ratio as a leading indicator measurement to understand the influence and impact of Marketing on the pipeline.

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How to Use Change to Drive Innovation

Change can force us to improvise and adapt, which for business can lead to innovation and new growth. Use 4 steps to drive creativity and thus innovation.

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10 Questions to Help Widen Your View to Overcome a Potential Customer-Centric Blind Spot | What’s Your Edge?

The lack of adoption and potentially growth overall is often a result of the customer-centric blind spot. In business, addressing the customer-centric blind spot requires both turning our heads and widening our view. Begin to widen your field of vision with these 10 questions.

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Why Moving to the Consideration Phase is Essential for Growth

There is a strong correlation between initial consideration and organic growth. 3 abilities are essential to increase the number of opportunities that enter the consideration phase.

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Did You Lose a B2B Deal Forecasted on the Pipeline? Maybe It Never Was a Deal

In the pipeline review meeting an opportunity originally in the sales forecast becomes marked as lost. These signals in the customer buying journey indicate the deal was never a deal and steps to take.

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AI Tools Turn Analytics Data into Actionable Information

New AI tools enable companies of all sizes and types to engage in intelligent data analysis & derive actionable insights. Here are some popular & emerging options.

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2 Prerequisites for Successful Business Growth | What’s Your Edge?

Discoverability and engagement are two customer-centric prerequisites to the evaluation, selection, and purchase stages. To grow, ensure you successfully address both.

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