Today’s marketing, sales, and product management professionals are faced with having to move between a variety of responsibilities. Sales people are being charged with more marketing responsibilities. Product managers are being asked to prepare product launch plans. Many marketers are being asked to think and act more strategically and do a better job of measuring marketing’s impact and contribution. Taking on the additional responsibilities often require gaining new skills. At VisionEdge Marketing we are committed to your success, which is why we developed two approaches to help professionals add to their marketing skills set: a curriculum based approach through the Strategic Marketing Academy™ and a series of hands-on interactive marketing workshops.

“More than anything, VisionEdge Marketing’s Pipeline Engineering Lab provided us with a great opportunity in a very short time-frame to establish a common process and to get everyone on the sales and marketing team on the same page.”

– ClearCube Technology

Expand Your Potential: Strategic Marketing Academy™

Today’s highly competitive job market means you need to stay at the top of your game. VisionEdge Marketing’s Strategic Marketing Academy (SMA) is devoted to raising your level of sophistication and effectiveness. The SMA provides professional development programs for individual companies in conjunction with leading educational institutions and associations. The curriculum can be delivered in-person in two ways:

  1. Courses: Provide an optimal learning experience. Each course covers a given set of related topics and includes workbooks, templates and interactive exercises.
  2. Seminars: Focus on a single topic delivered within a relatively restricted time-frame of one-two hours.

The SMA curriculum is grouped into seven categories:

  • Metrics for Marketing Accountability
  • Foundations
  • Product Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Services Marketing
  • Revenue Creation
  • Planning

Contact us for more information about how the Strategic Marketing Academy can improve the marketing effectiveness of your organization.

Check our Calendar for public workshops and seminars conducted by VisionEdge Marketing.

Prime the Pump: Interactive Marketing Workshops

Use the workshops to re-set brand positioning and messaging, to engineer the pipeline that aligns marketing and sales around the customer buying process, to systematically define and identify lucrative market segments, to optimize your touch points with prospects and customers, to kick-start your organization’s strategic planning process, or to take the steps necessary to develop the metrics and dashboard necessary to measure marketing performance and return on investment.

Better than a business seminar, VEM interactive workshops are fast-paced, roll-up-your-sleeves, collaborative work sessions typically lasting 1-2 days. At the end of each workshop, your company will have a blueprint to guide next steps. The workshops are available as stand-alone professional development or can combined with other VEM consulting services.


Contact us to request a call to discuss a workshop for your organization.

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