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Best and Proven Practices and Benchmarking

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Three Proven Practices to Overcome MarTech Failure

How organizations approach their MarTech differs among various organizations. The 16th annual Marketing Performance Management (MPM) benchmark study found that the group known as the Value Creators (those that earn 90 or greater grade by the C-Suite) are far more likely to have a strategic Marketing Ops function.   A number of characteristics distinguish this Best-in-Class (BIC) […]

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Increase the Value of Marketing by Comparing it to its Peers

Analytics-based insights derived from Marketing’s data have become the lifeblood of both Marketing and the business. These data driven decisions are the critical component in improving Marketing’s effectiveness as well as proving Marketing’s value to the business. However, in order to formulate actionable recommendations that will be of value to the business, you have to […]

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Assess and Measure Competitiveness to Stay Strong

A Harvard Business Review article reminds us that today businesses face an environment where operating margins are increasing and market leadership is precarious. Being able to quickly read market signals and adapt is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage. Capabilities that lead to a competitive advantage in the past, may not continue to do so […]

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Assessments and Benchmarks for Lasting Excellence

To survive and thrive in a competitive business environment, companies are being hammered to continuously adapt and deliver more, faster, better, and less expensively. Today’s emphasis on more and faster growth via better customer experiences is the focus for many organizations. Companies use the strategic planning process to identify what the business should become and […]

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Join the Ranks of the Best-in-Class with Improved Accountability

In today’s world, what Marketing can measure is only limited by your imagination. What separates the best-in-class (BIC) marketers from the rest is their ability to prove the long-term, quantitative impact of Marketing. These Marketing organizations define performance by connecting results to a set of C-suite relevant outcomes. Marketers who make this connection make a […]

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Are You Among the 20% That Can Measure Marketing’s Value?

Time flies. By now, whatever you had planned at the start of the year may have turned out to be only a pipe dream. When it comes to Marketing’s ability measure and prove it’s impact this certainly seems to be case.  The latest study by Kantor echoes the findings of our research and other. Why […]

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Benchmarking the Marketing Function: What’s in it for YOU.

Long-term readers and followers of VisionEdge Marketing know that Laura’s husband is in construction. He completed an extensive apprenticeship early in his career, and as a contractor he is required to have a license. To keep his license, he must complete a minimum number of continuing education (CE) credits. This scenario is common in other […]

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Marketing Performance Management Best Practices For Every Marketing Organization

Take Your Marketing Performance Management Over the Finish Line We’ve suggested a number of Marketing best practices that will help your Marketing Performance Management (MPM). Improving the ability to measure and analyze Marketing’s impact was the number one challenge identified by Marketers in the recent B2B Marketing Report. Check out the learning center for practical […]

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Marketing Best Practices for Achieving Excellence

Start on the Right Path to Value Creation People have been making resolutions for nearly 4,000 years.  While the celebrations and timing around making resolutions has evolved, the tradition of making them continues.  So much so, that Google created a program to map New Year’s Resolutions from around the world. But despite the fact that […]

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Loyalty Vs. Retention and Best Practices for Measuring Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an intangible but extremely valuable company asset. The ability to effectively measure and model customer loyalty is an essential element to achieving your goal of retaining and expanding customer relationships. We were recently asked, “Do you need to measure loyalty if you are measuring retention – aren’t they the same thing?” In […]

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