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Demand Gen, Tactical Marketing, and Pipeline Metrics

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Engage More Customers With the Best Parts of ABM and Journey Mapping

In a recent planning session with a B2B customer, we were discussing how to create more customer engagement with a very specific set of customer prospects. Here’s a quick overview of the scenario: The company is familiar with these customers but not currently doing business with them. The customers are aware of the company and […]

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How to Capitalize On Your Customer Journey Maps

Why do Customer Journey maps matter to your business? And why do you want to create them? Because they are an essential part of capturing and improving customer and market opportunities. “Journey,” according to Gartner is among the most overused Marketing phrases. We too plead guilty. Even so, the concept of Customer Journeys is too […]

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How to Create Personas that Solve Strategic Business Problems

As marketers, our key role is to create and develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. While we provide the sales team with leads, launch creative ad campaigns, plan events, and so much more, our strategic purpose is to solve real business problems, including how to: acquire new customers, faster keep profitable customers ensure your customers […]

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Is Your Marketing Plan a Recipe for Success?

Many of our customers send us their Marketing plans for review. They arrive in all sizes and formats – excel, word, power point.  Some plans are extremely detailed, integrating market, competitive and customer data and including campaign creative components; others are relatively light on data and details and primarily just a list of activities, a calendar, […]

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Map the Customer Buying Journey and Lifecycle to Improve Your Win Rate

Gain Customer Insight By Mapping Their Journey We all understand the need for Marketing to positively and directly impact the sales cycle and win ratio. If you want to improve your win rate – both in terms of numbers and speed – then you need to have a deep understanding of  your customer’s buying journey […]

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Measuring Content Marketing via Reach and Engagement

Content marketing has become an umbrella term to describe all of the marketing formats used to create and share information in order to attract, acquire and engage current and potential customers for the express purpose of driving profitable customer action. More and more organizations are relying on content marketing to catch customer attention and deepen […]

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Optimize and Measure Your Customer Touch Point Effectiveness and Engagement

Customers are in control.  They record television shows in order to  bypass commercials, skip online ads, and fast forward thru trailers in order to avoid a media channel all together.  As a result, “Push” marketing has become increasingly irrelevant. Some years ago David Court, Dave Elzinga, Susan Mulder, and Ole Jørgen Vetvik unveiled the results […]

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Putting the Multi into Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing takes a different kind of measurement The proliferation of channels available to Marketing organizations to reach out and connect with prospects and customers is creating a number of Data and Measurement challenges.  Many organizations are leveraging a variety of channels but the Metrics are still channel specific.  Measuring channel-specific tactics in isolation is […]

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Exploring the Win in Win/Loss Analysis

Win/loss analysis is something any company can do to bolster revenue efforts. When done properly win/loss analysis provides clarity and insights into customers’ perceptions of your product, experience throughout the sales cycle, and expectations created by your company messaging. Institutionalizing win/loss analysis will create requirements to product development, feedback about messaging to marketing, and may […]

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There’s More to Pipeline Measurement Than Marketing Qualified Leads

For businesses, a pipeline is a targeted list of potential buyers who might have an interest in your products or services. Many companies face the challenge of capturing the attention of potential buyers and moving as many of these potential buyers as possible through the pipeline stages of contact, connection, conversation, consideration, consumption, and community. […]

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