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Demand Gen, Tactical Marketing, and Pipeline Metrics

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How to Avoid Failing at Customer-Centric Marketing: It’s All in the Journey

Employing customer-centric Marketing entails understanding the customer journey and offering your customers a consistently satisfying relevant experience.

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Increase Customer Engagement With the Best Parts of ABM and Journey Mapping

Explore the interplay between ABM and customer journey mapping and how to use them together to increse customer engagement.

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How to Capitalize On Your Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps are an essential part of capturing and improving customer and market opportunities. Boost your customer journey with the “Mighty Four”

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How to Create Personas that Solve Strategic Business Problems

Data derived from interviews is ideal for creating customer personas.Take these three steps to start crafting your customers’ personas.

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Is Your Marketing Plan a Recipe for Success?

Make sure your Marketing plan is your recipe for success. Follow these 3 proven practices to earn high marks from the judges – the C-Suite.

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Map the Customer Buying Journey and Lifecycle to Improve Your Win Rate

Map the buying journey and customer lifecycle to gain valuable insights needed to improve your win rate. Start with these 5 steps.

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How to Calculate the Value of Influence

Many marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing. An equation to calculate the value of influence.

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Measuring Content Marketing via Reach and Engagement

Creating content it is just the first step. You must be able to quantify its value and impact otherwise it is content for the sake of content.

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Optimize and Measure Your Customer Touch Point Effectiveness and Engagement

You need a comprehensive strategy for executing and measuring customer touch point effectiveness in today’s engagement economy. Start with these 6 steps.

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Putting the Multi into Channel Marketing

Channel specific metrics can be misleading. Sophisticated marketers are creating models that help with improve measuring multi-channel marketing. 

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