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How to Seek Out Customer Complaints to Support Growth

Customer complaints provide valuable data. So, what do you do to surface unvoiced complaints? Here are some strategies to get you started.

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Revealing the Why Behind Poor Customer Experience

What do you do when a customer experience issue persists and surfaces among a variety of customers? Use this process to find and stamp out the root cause.

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Now is the Time to Revisit Data Literacy

There is a difference between having data and knowing how to use it. Here are 5 ways any organization can fine-tune their data literacy.

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When it Comes to Data Go for Best Not Perfect- What’s Your Edge?

The type of data, how you store it, and how you manage it makes all the difference when it comes to results. Here are some tips on good data management.

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When and How to Use Focus Groups – Even in a Virtual World

Focus groups are still a valuable research methodology. There are six situations for which focus groups are ideally suited and will yield the best results.

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Why You Want to Keep Your Data Models Fresh

Data models enable us to organize variables of information. Here’s what you need to create your data model and keep it fresh.

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How to Single Out the Signal from the Noise on Your Dashboard

The trick in building and leveraging a Marketing dashboard for decision making, risk management, and course adjustments is to be able to separate the signals from the noise.

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Copernicus Before NASA When Building Your Data Model

As more companies work to use data to create models it’s important to have an approach. Follow this 5-step approach to develop your data model.

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How to Keep Your Insights Supply Chain Flowing

Today’s real challenge is converting raw data into insights. Use these 5 steps to tackle this challenge is with a well-honed insights supply chain.

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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

Create an attribution model that encompasses the data across the entire ecosystem of touches, channels, and content to produce the best results.

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