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Marketing and Sales Alignment

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How to Seize the Elusive Goal of Marketing and Sales Alignment

Despite the focus, the goal of Marketing and Sales alignment remains elusive. Every business can employ three steps to improve alignment.

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Increase Customer Engagement With the Best Parts of ABM and Journey Mapping

Explore the interplay between ABM and customer journey mapping and how to use them together to increse customer engagement.

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Make Your Marketing & Sales Playbook a Powerful Alignment Tool

One of the most critical enablement and alignment tools is your Marketing AND Sales playbook. At a minimum, integrate the following into your playbook.

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How to Eliminate Breakpoints to Improve Customer Experience

The breakpoints in customer interactions deserve your greatest attention. Improve customer experience with these 5 steps.

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How to Save a Year of Research for Your Account-Based Marketing

We’ve enjoyed the privilege of being engaged with a number of our customers for nearly two decades and last year were fortunate to add new projects and new customers. Our 2017 target for the number of new customers was significant, so, with all the rage about Account Based Marketing (ABM), we decided to experiment with […]

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When Is It Time to Embark on Repositioning?

Positioning is about influencing choice and is an indicator of competitiveness. Watch for this tell-tale sign that you need to initiate repositioning.

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Be Fanatical About Customer Service Quality (And Why It Matters)

It is important to master the basics of customer service. Reliability, responsiveness & empathy will keep and grow the value of your customers.

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Marketing Centers of Excellence Increase Growth and the Bottom Line

Does Marketing Excellence make a difference? A CEB study found achieving Marketing Excellence realizes nearly 10% higher growth rates. Use these 3 steps.

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How to Capitalize On Your Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps are an essential part of capturing and improving customer and market opportunities. Boost your customer journey with the “Mighty Four”

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Is Your Marketing and Sales Alignment Suffering from the Flaw of NOW?

Before you make another technology investment under the pretext of improving Marketing and Sales alignment, revisit your organizational design.

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