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Marketing Automation and Technology

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Ensure Your Successful Integration of Technology and Marketing

The difference between good and excellent is action: this is a common refrain from organizational development experts. Technology and processes are among the key tools best-in-class Marketing organization use to take action and strive to ensure the work of Marketing achieves the expected outcomes successfully. These tools are often within the responsibilities of the Marketing […]

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Three Proven Practices to Overcome MarTech Failure

How organizations approach their MarTech differs among various organizations. The 16th annual Marketing Performance Management (MPM) benchmark study found that the group known as the Value Creators (those that earn 90 or greater grade by the C-Suite) are far more likely to have a strategic Marketing Ops function.   A number of characteristics distinguish this Best-in-Class (BIC) […]

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Making the Most Out of Your Investments in Marketing Technology

The marketing automation software industry remains a serious big business, a $3.3 billion market in the United States and growing 30% annually claims SharpSpring in their recent Investor Presentation. Adoption of these products has passed the tipping point. The majority of Marketing leaders – 67% – currently use a marketing automation platform according to the […]

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Marketers You Need to Adopt Three Tools to Develop Better Metrics

In the “Crave Results? Six Free Skills to Achieve Marketing Excellence” post we discussed the “mental skills” you need to achieve Marketing performance excellence. While MPM is a mind-set, it also entails a skill set.  After years of conducting the annual Marketing Performance Management benchmark study, we have been able to identify three primary Marketing organization […]

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The Evolving Role of Marketing Operations

The time seems right to take a moment and reflect on the evolution of the Marketing Operations (Ops) role. Only a few years ago, the scope was typically Marketing project management and/or Marketing governance. With the increased pressure on Marketing to measure its value and contribution, Marketing Performance Management (MPM) and be more agile, the role […]

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Marketing Operations 2.0: Leading the Way to Centers of Excellence

It’s an exciting time to be in, or managing, a Marketing Operations (MO) role. The idea of combining process, metrics and technology into a Marketing practice was introduced in 2004, in the book, The New Marketing Mission: How Process, Metrics and Technology Can Unleash Growth. Years later, fueled by the growth of Marketing technology, greater competition, […]

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Marketing Performance Management Wiki

Lynn Hunsaker, President of ClearAction and our President, Laura Patterson were asked to update the marketing performance management wiki. Below is what was submitted to the free encyclopedia.

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Marketing Dashboards and the Technology Question

Marketers continue to be under pressure to connect Marketing to business results. With the explosion of channels and data, it’s not surprising that marketers face serious challenges in creating meaningful Marketing dashboards. Scott Brinker, editor and publisher of, tells us that the Marketing Technology (MarTech)  landscape continues to expand. The plethora of technology is […]

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Marketing Technology: Tales from the Toolbox

Are you feeling a bit like a kid in a candy store when you consider all of the available marketing technologies? Marketing technologies have been evolving at a rapid pace; it now includes  7040 marketing technology solutions from nearly as many unique marketing technology provides. These technologies are often referred to by three letter acronyms such as […]

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Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Configure Your Marketing Technology

Many organizations have invested in Marketing Automation,  CRM systems and a myriad of MarTech platforms. The value of these investments (improved data and insights) is only realized if the system is configured and used correctly.  So, prior to system implementation, Marketers define or diagram their current processes in order to effectively configure their systems.  Here […]

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