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Marketing Automation and Technology

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Why It’s Better to Run Marketing like a Pit Crew- What’s Your Edge?

Marketing Operations enables you to push the Marketing engine to be more agile, faster, effective, and efficient. Use these 10 questions to create your framework.

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If You Aspire to Excellence Focus on Process

Operational excellence takes solid processes. Process maps enable you to achieve measurable return on investments, increased efficiencies, maintain quality, and increase the value of the corporation. 3 steps to determine processes that need your immediate attention.

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Ensure Your Successful Integration of Technology and Marketing

Technology and processes are essential tools Marketing uses to take action and ensure the work of Marketing achieves the expected outcomes successfully. Here’s how to succeed with your MarTech deployment.

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Three Proven Practices to Overcome MarTech Failure

Martech is one of the primary responsibilities among Marketing Ops teams. Yet orgs struggle to successfully implement MarTech. Here are 3 proven practices

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Making the Most Out of Your Investments in Marketing Technology

Many marketers struggle with making the most out of Martech. Be sure you can do the following 3 things well before you try to automate the process.

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Marketers You Need to Adopt Three Tools to Develop Better Metrics

Best in class marketers consistently create and use three performance measurement tools to address data and metrics. Here’s the tools you need.

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The Evolving Role of Marketing Operations

The Marketing Ops role has expanded beyond MarTech or program implementation. It now serves at 6 roles and is competetent in 5 key areas.

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Marketing Operations 2.0: Leading the Way to Centers of Excellence

Marketing Operations is constantly evolving. We define MO 2.0 as the initiative BIC marketing orgs are implementing to transform marketing into a COE.

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Marketing Performance Management Wiki

Lynn Hunsaker, President of ClearAction and our President, Laura Patterson were asked to update the marketing performance management wiki. Below is what was submitted to the free encyclopedia.

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Marketing Dashboards and the Technology Question

The convergence of data, analytics and technology is driving both the demand for Marketing dashboards – and enabling their evolution. Six categories for your dashboard.

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