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Why You Want to Keep Your Data Models Fresh

Data models enable us to organize variables of information. Here’s what you need to create your data model and keep it fresh.

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How to Single Out the Signal from the Noise on Your Dashboard

The trick in building and leveraging a Marketing dashboard for decision making, risk management, and course adjustments is to be able to separate the signals from the noise.

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Copernicus Before NASA When Building Your Data Model

As more companies work to use data to create models it’s important to have an approach. Follow this 5-step approach to develop your data model.

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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

Create an attribution model that encompasses the data across the entire ecosystem of touches, channels, and content to produce the best results.

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Are You Ready to Make The Shift to A.I.? (Part Two)

Before you succumb to the lure of the latest A.I. tools, be sure your data and analytics skills are up to snuff. All it takes is 4 steps!

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How You Play a Role in the Making of the MPM Discipline

A discipline reflects a particular object of research that produces a body of accumulated knowledge. This body of knowledge gives rise to theories and concepts that become subjects taught at academic institutions and have professional associations connected to it. As Marketers and proponents of Marketing you are part of a rich discipline. It is believed […]

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How to Make Sure Adding Analytics Skills to Marketing is a Win

Struggling to make sense of the explosion of data? Answer 7 questions to secure a yes to budget to enhance your team’s analytics skills.

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Ready to Set Your Marketing Metrics: Think Like a General

Marketing professionals must shift from activity-based measures to business outcome–based metrics. Here are three suggestions for how to make the shift.

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More Data DOES NOT Mean Better Insights: The Process to Get you There

Rather than focusing on more data, we need to focus on capturing the right data and then analyzing it in a way that gives us the power to see and act.

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Loyalty Vs. Retention and Best Practices for Measuring Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an intangible but extremely valuable company asset. Take these 3 behaviors into account to measure loyalty and build your model.

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