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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

How do you assign value to your channels and touch points? There are a variety of attribution model methods. For example, do you attribute more weight to the first touch (such as clicking on a digital ad) than the webinar that generated an online demo of offline conversation? Or do you give equal weight across […]

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Are You Ready to Make The Shift to A.I.? (Part Two)

This is the second part of a two-part series. See our first section Should You Use A.I. in Your Marketing? on LinkedIn.  According to BPMonline Insights, nearly 40% of companies struggle to convert data into actionable insight. We know from our research, and that of others, that there is increased pressure on Marketing to measure […]

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How You Play a Role in the Making of the MPM Discipline

A discipline reflects a particular object of research that produces a body of accumulated knowledge. This body of knowledge gives rise to theories and concepts that become subjects taught at academic institutions and have professional associations connected to it. As Marketers and proponents of Marketing you are part of a rich discipline. It is believed […]

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How to Make Sure Adding Analytics Skills to Marketing is a Win

Numerous studies emphasize how central analytics is to business strategy. The CFO Alliance’s sentiment study highlighted the role of Marketing execution and performance to company success. A top strategic factor to achieving growth depends on how well Marketing impacts customer engagement and enables the company to tap new markets. Both of these capabilities require solid data […]

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Ready to Set Your Marketing Metrics: Think Like a General

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “War is 90% information.” Now considered one of the greatest military minds in the history of warfare, Bonaparte, though ultimately defeated, was praised as a strategic genius and a great leader of men. Though he did not live in the information age, Bonaparte understood that, when battling for a competitive advantage, […]

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More Data DOES NOT Mean Better Insights: The Process to Get you There

Marketers are drowning in data. We generate it from our own activity or research. We collect and capture tons more from external sources. And, by now, all of us have been exposed to the conversation about Big Data—the voluminous unstructured data that is collected from nontraditional sources such as blogs, social media, email, sensors, photographs, video footage, and […]

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Loyalty Vs. Retention and Best Practices for Measuring Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an intangible but extremely valuable company asset. The ability to effectively measure and model customer loyalty is an essential element to achieving your goal of retaining and expanding customer relationships. We were recently asked, “Do you need to measure loyalty if you are measuring retention – aren’t they the same thing?” In […]

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How to Create Personas that Solve Strategic Business Problems

As marketers, our key role is to create and develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. While we provide the sales team with leads, launch creative ad campaigns, plan events, and so much more, our strategic purpose is to solve real business problems, including how to: acquire new customers, faster keep profitable customers ensure your customers […]

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The Strong Keep Getting Stronger

The Strong Keep Getting Stronger Best-in-Class Marketers Continue to Improve Their Impact on the Business by Jerry Rackley, Demand Metric and Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing Today’s marketers certainly feel the pressure, not just to stay busy, but to prove their worth by measuring their value and contribution to the business. The question the C-suite often […]

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How to Achieve the Right Blend of Art and Science for Marketing

Data has overtaken the world of Marketing.  Data is used to inform decisions. The execution of those decision often require creativity. To excel, your Marketing organization needs both the creative and the science sides of Marketing. It is essential to blend the art and science of Marketing. As channels become more complex, buyers asset more […]

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