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Marketing Operations and Operational Excellence

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How to Match Your Internal Speed with External Changes

In recent conversations we had about growth and the role of Marketing with two CEOs , Kevin Dunworth of Celling Biosciences and Greg Stock of Zenoss, speed was a key factor. Greg emphasized the importance of an organization being able “to move at the speed of change; the ability to quickly evolve.” Kevin believes that “the […]

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How Marketing Operational Excellence Facilitates Growth and Customer Value

IBM’s Modern Marketing Mandate posited that “CMOs have always needed to take their industry’s pulse and devise appropriate competitive responses … today, the mission needs to extend beyond market research and marketing campaigns. CMOs have a broader responsibility to analyze and predict trends.” Betsy Rohtbart, vice president of Digital Marketing at Vonage, described this as […]

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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

How do you assign value to your channels and touch points? There are a variety of attribution model methods. For example, do you attribute more weight to the first touch (such as clicking on a digital ad) than the webinar that generated an online demo of offline conversation? Or do you give equal weight across […]

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Ensure Your Successful Integration of Technology and Marketing

The difference between good and excellent is action: this is a common refrain from organizational development experts. Technology and processes are among the key tools best-in-class Marketing organization use to take action and strive to ensure the work of Marketing achieves the expected outcomes successfully. These tools are often within the responsibilities of the Marketing […]

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Three Proven Practices to Overcome MarTech Failure

How organizations approach their MarTech differs among various organizations. The 16th annual Marketing Performance Management (MPM) benchmark study found that the group known as the Value Creators (those that earn 90 or greater grade by the C-Suite) are far more likely to have a strategic Marketing Ops function.   A number of characteristics distinguish this Best-in-Class (BIC) […]

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Making the Most Out of Your Investments in Marketing Technology

The marketing automation software industry remains a serious big business, a $3.3 billion market in the United States and growing 30% annually claims SharpSpring in their recent Investor Presentation. Adoption of these products has passed the tipping point. The majority of Marketing leaders – 67% – currently use a marketing automation platform according to the […]

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How to Utilize Data and Analytics to Improve Results

Results. The relentless focus on results is what JT McCormick, CEO of Scribe Media and a guest on the Ready, Set, Grow! radio program claims is the number one principle behind achieving growth. A study by Deloitte found that companies embracing and employing analytics make better decisions and are more likely to achieve key strategic initiatives. […]

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The Marketing Ops Audit: Why It Matters and How to Do It Well

Marketing Operations (Marketing Ops) is a well-established function. Whether performed by one person in a small company or a large team in a billion-dollar business, it is present in 70% of Marketing organizations overall and in 82% of Best-in-Class (BIC) Marketing organizations. Best-in-Class Marketing organizations are those that earn 90 or greater out of 100 […]

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How to Tell if Your Marketing is Optimized for Performance

Frederick Winslow Taylor is credited with starting the Scientific Management movement.  He and his associates studied how work was performed. They examined how the performance of work affected worker productivity. In his book, “The Principles of Scientific Management,” published in 1911, Taylor discussed his philosophy based on the belief that making people work as hard […]

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Is Your Marketing Dashboard Out to Get You?

Most likely you have some kind of Marketing dashboard. Research by experts and us all reveals that most Marketing organizations are producing and presenting some type of dashboard to their leadership team. It is the content displayed in the dashboard that distinguishes organizations who excel at performance management from those that don’t. We find that […]

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