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Marketing Performance Management and Measurement

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How to Use Alignment to Calibrate Your Marketing

Alignment is what enables Marketing to quantify its value to the business, select the right metrics, and improve performance.

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There are No Diamonds Without Pressure- Making the Performance Journey

The Marketing performance journey isn’t easy but it is a doable one.  Here’s the 5 Marketing accountability best practices employed by BIC orgs.

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How To Architect Your Actionable Marketing Dashboard

Your Marketing dashboard should serve as your vehicle for improving and proving Marketing’s contribution, impact and value.

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How to Report on the Value Marketing Generates

Determining Marketing’s value is more about performance management and measurement than financial management. Here’s how to shift from activity to value.

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Score Big with a Marketing Measurement Playbook

Stop struggling to choose the right Marketing measures. To excel at performance management scores you need an effective Marketing measurement playbook.

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How to Make Marketing Indispensable

We often talk about the value of Marketing. To be play a strategic indispensable role, Marketing needs to be valuable.

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How Marketing Operational Excellence Facilitates Growth and Customer Value

Operational excellence helps create an Marketing organization that can deliver on growth. Six Sigma provides a method for improving operational excellence.

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How to Use Attribution Models to Decipher the Right Mix

Create an attribution model that encompasses the data across the entire ecosystem of touches, channels, and content to produce the best results.

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How to Use Intelligence to Outsmart Your Competitors

If you’re in a competitive market, then make the effort to gather competitive intelligence. Start with these four steps to for your CI efforts.

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How to Organize a Stand-out Marketing Planning Session

In the midst of Marketing planning and budgeting? Five best practices for developing the planning session agenda and structure.

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