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Marketing Performance Management and Measurement

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The Value of Investing in Customer Value Management

Customer value management expands on customer relationship. Here’s how to create a customer value metric and reap the value of CVM.

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How Your Competitors Can Help You Improve Your Performance

Outperforming and outmaneuvering your competitors is vital for success. It is also one of the biggest challenges most companies face.

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When You’re Focused on Upstream, What do You Measure?

Which metrics demonstrate Marketing’s value regarding strategy and upstream marketing? Two concepts help spark your thinking.

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Are you good at the long and short game for performance excellence? | What’s Your Edge?

Marketing performance excellence takes being proficient at the the long game and short game. There are 12 clubs that every high-performance Marketing team should know when and how to use well. 

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How Do You Know It’s Time to Bring in a Marketing Expert | What’s Your Edge?

Today there are many Marketing experts out there. It’s important to know when it’s time to contact one and how to pick the right person for the job. Follow this six step process.

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How to Use Alignment to Calibrate Your Marketing

Alignment is what enables Marketing to quantify its value to the business, select the right metrics, and improve performance.

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There are No Diamonds Without Pressure- Making the Performance Journey

The Marketing performance journey isn’t easy but it is a doable one.  Here’s the 5 Marketing accountability best practices employed by BIC orgs.

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How To Architect Your Actionable Marketing Dashboard

Your Marketing dashboard should serve as your vehicle for improving and proving Marketing’s contribution, impact and value.

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How to Report on the Value Marketing Generates

Determining Marketing’s value is more about performance management and measurement than financial management. Here’s how to shift from activity to value.

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Score Big with a Marketing Measurement Playbook

Stop struggling to choose the right Marketing measures. To excel at performance management scores you need an effective Marketing measurement playbook.

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