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Make and Build a Business That Solves a Problem

The purpose of a business is to create a customer, declared Peter Drucker.  How do you create a customer? You provide something – a service, a product, a solution – (referred to as the Product in the Marketing Mix) they need AND want. In the B2B world, this want and/or need is typically to solve […]

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How to Organize a Stand-out Marketing Planning Session

If you’re like many of our customers, right now you are somewhere in the midst of your planning cycle, working with your partners in Sales, Finance, Product, and IT as you crystallize your Marketing plan. Here’s a bit of advice: Our experience has proven that a collaborative Marketing planning session is an essential step in this process. […]

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What is the Expected ROI for Your Marketing Plan? And How to Do It

Today’s Marketing leadership is expected to be data-driven and measurement savvy. Your Marketing plan should immediately demonstrate both capabilities. In fact, calculating your Marketing plan ROI should be an integral part of your business processes. Determine your Marketing plan’s ROI by arming your team with data related to finding, keeping and growing the value of […]

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The Bottom Line: Action is at the Heart of Marketing’s Productivity

In his article, David Dodd wrote the innovations in Marketing “have promised to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and numerous research studies purport to show that they are delivering a wide range of benefits. But have these innovations really improved the bottom-line productivity of B2B marketing? Can we show – in a credible and convincing […]

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Who Cares About ROI? What You Really Want to Know is How Effective You Are

In our MarketingProfs article, Marketing Activity Metrics Mean Little: Here’s How to Really Prove Marketing’s Value, we asserted that “marketers need to be smarter about the performance metrics they select.” We also found ourselves concurring with David Dodd’s claim that “many senior leaders are no longer satisfied with the tactical performance indicators (campaign response rates, […]

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Stuck with a “Percentage of Sales” Marketing Budget? What You Can Do

There are no simple rules for determining a Marketing budget. This is because it should be based on the Marketing objectives you are tasked to achieve in support of business goals.  Often those objective, metrics, and goals are different for each company. For a number of companies, the Marketing budget is still determined by a formula based […]

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5 Criteria Every Marketing Plan Must Meet

Your Marketing plan is one of the most powerful alignment tools available. Marketing plans of Best-in-Class organizations meet these five criteria

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Alignment and Accountability: Key Cornerstones for Your Marketing Plan

Working on a Marketing Plan? Don’t Pass Go Until You’ve Achieved Alignment and Accountability Limited resources and high expectations make it easy for marketing leaders to fall into the habit of ready – fire – aim. Of course there are times when immediate action (ready/fire) is needed. Creation of a Marketing plan upon which your […]

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Five Steps to Help Marketing Gain Credibility With Your CFO

Gain Credibility with Your CFO In today’s world, financial rigor and strategic insight are becoming tightly linked. Increasingly, CFOs are playing a primary role in developing and implementing strategy within their company, serving as a key advisor to the CEO for developing growth opportunities for the future. A study by Ernest & Young found  that one-third of […]

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Five Critical Steps to Ensuring Finance’s Support of Your Budget

Speak the Right Language to Gain Your CFO’s Support As CFO’s become more responsible for activities such as prioritizing company resources, developing and communicating the company strategy, making IT decisions, and implementing performance programs, marketers will need to better quantify and measure the value of marketing programs. Without a doubt with the International Financial Reporting […]

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