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What is the Expected ROI for Your Marketing Plan? And How to Do It

Calculating your Marketing plan’s ROI should be an integral part of your business processes. Start with these five easy steps.

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The Bottom Line: Action is at the Heart of Marketing’s Productivity

Marketing productivity requires an action-oriented blueprint, not simply a list of activities. Examine the differences between action and activity.

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Who Cares About ROI? What You Really Want to Know is How Effective You Are

It turns out that measuring marketing effectiveness is more important than ROI to the C-Suite. Take these first 5 steps towards measuring effectiveness.

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Stuck with a “Percentage of Sales” Marketing Budget? What You Can Do

There is ONE simple rule for determining a Marketing budget. It should be based on how each Marketing objective impacts and contributes to business outcomes

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5 Criteria Every Marketing Plan Must Meet

Your Marketing plan is one of the most powerful alignment tools available. Marketing plans of Best-in-Class organizations meet these five criteria.

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Alignment and Accountability: Key Cornerstones for Your Marketing Plan

The Marketing plan is a fantastic accountability and alignment tool. Follow these 7 Steps to create a Marketing plan that achieves both of these.

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Five Steps to Help Marketing Gain Credibility With Your CFO

In today’s world, financial rigor and strategic insight are becoming tightly linked. Increasingly, CFO’s are playing a primary role implementing strategies.

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Five Critical Steps to Ensure the CFO’s Support of Your Budget

CFOs and CMOs can use these 5 tips for forge a stronger alliance designed to help the organization be more customer-centric and achieve faster growth.

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Is Your Marketing Plan a Recipe for Success?

Make sure your Marketing plan is your recipe for success. Follow these 3 proven practices to earn high marks from the judges – the C-Suite.

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The Accelance® Blueprint for Alignment and Accountability

With the patented Accelance® methodology create direct line-of-sight between Marketing and business results and establish your dashboard framework.

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