CMO Marketing/Management and Growth Strategies

Learn the ABCs of Marketing | Laura Patterson | TBCY

What is marketing? Why is it significant? How to approach it? We have all your questions answered in our conversation with a leading marketing specialist, Laura Patterson.

Who's Replacing the Chief Marketing Officer? 

Are Chief Marketing Officers — CMOs — losing their relevance in the C-suite? And if so, can data and experimentation turn things around for them? Brian and Larua discuss what CMOs can do to stay relevant in UnIntended Consequences.

Revisiting Your Processes for Sustainable Organic Growth

Growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action.  Laura Patterson, author of the new book, Fast-Track Your Business, and growth strategist touches on 3 areas to create customer-centric framework that provides a process for navigating and accelerating organic growth.

Upstream Marketing with Sky Cassidy of the Elephant Test

Sky and Laura discuss the difference between Upstream and Downstream Marketing and why Upstream is so important and must be addressed first.

Thriving Now and Beyond - A conversation with Xfinity

Catch the conversation between Pallab (Paul) Dutta of Xfinity Solutions and Laura Patterson as they discuss strategies for sustaining and increasing growth in good times and bad.

A Blueprint for Your Business: A Podcast that Builds - Dodge Data & Analytics

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, discusses the importance of building a marketing plan, the elements that go into a marketing plan, the importance of data to that plan, and first steps to creating one with Dodge Data & Analytics.

What Marketing Needs to Do To Remain Relevant, B2B Marketing Forum

The video was in association with the B2BMarketing Forum 10 year anniversary. Laura takes a look back and a look forward into the role of Marketing and what Marketing can do to be a more strategic member of the leadership team.

Why CEO's and CFO's Are Still Beggars When it Comes to Marketing ROI - SLMA Radio

How to Intentionally Engage in Organic Growth - Inbound Back Office Podcast

Amy from Inbound Back Office and Laura explore what it means to grow organically, the merits and the steps an organization should take to generate organic growth.



How to Keep From Falling Prey to Shiny Objects

Laura Patterson is Co-founder and President of VisionEdge Marketing. In this interview she explains how her firm helps companies of all sizes improve their marketing, and the dangers of falling prey to the shiny marketing object syndrome.

The 5 Things That Best In Class Marketers Do Better Than Their Peers - B2B Growth

The stakes remain high for every Marketer to demonstrate how they help their companies drive growth, create value, and improve business performance. If proving Marketing’s value or improving Marketing effectiveness are among your priorities, be sure to catch this podcast sooner than later.

How to Accelerate Growth Through Customer Intimacy 

Many marketers are either not measuring the right things or measuring things that tell a different story than they intend to. In this conversation with Matt Heinz, Laura and Matt explore the evolution of marketing accountability and how measuring the marketing's impact on the business takes more than a scorecard.

How to Know if Your CMO is Lost in the Weeds

Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences and Laura chat about the underlying causes for lack of trust in CMOs, why major brands are eliminating the CMO position, and how CMOs can regain a strategic position in their business.




The Role of the CMO is Evolving: Get Ready to Adapt in Order to Survive #CMOTalk

Creating value is critical for CMOs. Watch this webinar and learn how successful CMOs are embracing this shift in thinking and tackling the transformation head-on by embracing new technology and wrapping their heads and hands around data.