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Do you find that your customers’ expectations are constantly changing, your competition is fierce and your markets are dynamic?  If you do, these are the challenges we help you successfully and confidently address with our customer-centric growth framework.

The return on customer-centricity is clear – 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. And a Booz Allen study found businesses that are successful at customer-centricity outperform industry peers two-to-one in revenue growth and generated margins 5 to 10 percent above their competitors. Achieving customer-centricity requires stellar, organization-wide execution of many elements.


How to Up Your Customer-Centricity Game with the Circle of Traction® Framework

There are four enablers for achieving profitable growth via customer-centricity:
1. Growth plans and strategy derived from actionable insights
2. Upstream, Marketing-led initiatives focused on creating long-term customer value
3. Performance management for fast maneuvering
4. Operational excellence and processes scales growth

Based on this philosophy, we developed our Circle of Traction framework to provide a strategic road map for how businesses could achieve their growth mission. Achieving this mission requires adapting both externally and internally, to effectively compete in the market of winning the hearts and minds of customers.

Upping your customer-centric game is the only way to increase and retain competitive advantage. Customers employ our Circle of Traction framework to fast track their growth initiatives and gain best practice methodologies and repeatable processes that speed time to realization of specific business outcomes.

“When it comes to the practice of B2B Marketing, VisionEdge Marketing is among one of the best resources. If you’re looking for a metrics-driven, customer-centric approach, a conversation with this firm who’s been doing it since 1999 will pay off for you and your firm.” Dr. Ralph Oliva, Director — Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM)

Fast Track Your Business with these Circle of Traction Elements

Your growth foundation is at the heart of our Circle of Traction framework: organizational culture, people and skills, infrastructure, process and tools, and data, analytics and models.

It expands to include customer-centric requirements and the actions needed to accelerate profitable growth:

  1. Customer and opportunity insights
  2. Business outcomes and performance targets
  3. Innovation and strategy
  4. Segmentation and positioning
  5. Planning and execution
  6. Operational excellence
  7. Performance and optimization

Taken together these elements enable you to:

  • Recruit, retain and grow the value of more customers, enabling you to compete on customer experience and achieve competitive advantage.
  • Gather and validate market requirements, define and score opportunities and bring them to market, to expand your market share and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Align key corporate functions, including strategy, planning, positioning and messaging.
  • Improve corporate-wide performance by selecting the right metrics, making them visible to all stakeholders, and using the resulting insights to achieve desired business outcome.
  • Create Centers of Excellence for your team.

Each of our services was designed from the beginning to guide, and support, your customer-centric business strategy. Following the Circle of Traction road map contributes to achieving your end-goals of increased market share, competitive advantage, revenue and profitability.

We also have workshops, audits and assessments, speaking engagements and collaborative consulting services to deliver on the Circle of Traction elements.

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“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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