Marketing and Sales must be aligned to acquire, retain and grow the value of customers. All too often there is friction between these two functional organizations. The key to Marketing and Sales alignment is having both organizations aligned around the customer, the essence of customer-centricity. Not each other.  

Plenty of studies have found that companies with strong collaboration between these two functions improve both the top and bottom lines.   

Purchase this interactive workbook to create and use the customer buying process to align Marketing and Sales, using four essential customer acquisition tools: 1) customer journey map, 2) personas, 3) usage scenarios, and 4) sales enablement playbooks.  

In this 43-page interactive workbook packed with proven processes and best practices, you will:  

  • Learn and master the four key tools to leverage during the customer acquisition process. 
  • Help your organization improve its effectiveness in acquiring, retaining and growing the value of customers.
  • Generate revenue and earnings by giving your people the right information to increase their rate of success. 


  • Price: $155
  • 5th Edition (updated 2023) 
  • Pages: 43
  • Format: Interactive PDF 

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