On average, customers consider 2-4 brands during their purchase decision process.

Your ability to achieve your revenue goals and build shareholder value requires strategic competitive positioning of your company/solutions in the marketplace and articulating compelling, relevant, and believable messages that resonate with, and motivate, existing and prospective buyers.

Poor positioning and messaging contribute to long sales cycles, low close rates, customer confusion, channel indifference, and sales organization discord. Effective positioning and messaging become the beacon and guide for every tactic and action. So, you need a time-tested framework to develop the most compelling positioning and messaging map.

By following the guideline processes, and performing the exercises in this interactive workbook, you will have a strategic platform that provides you with a:

  • Model for meaningful competitive differentiation, singularity, brand promise and value proposition.
  • Foundation for your company-specific, products and/or services strategic positioning, and messaging for existing and new markets.
  • Clear direction for how to successfully position your company and/or offers, and guidance for key messages for different personas, across the entire customer journey.

Note: Many customers use this workbook in conjunction with the Market and Customer Segmentation Workbook


  • Price: $155
  • 5th Edition (updated Q4 2022)
  • Pages: 21
  • Format: Interactive PDF

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