Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy - Accelerating Organic Growth

As part of his mission to identify 500 thought leaders, Mitchell taps Laura to discuss her background, her book Fast-Track Your Business, and what it takes to accelerate growth through processes and data.

Take a new approach to growing your business with our fourth book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market GrowthThe new book helps you apply the proven Circle of Traction framework, which we have been using to support customer engagements since 1999.


Read Fast-Track and Deliberately Spur Your Growth

In his foreword to this beneficial book, David Altounian writes, “Many books address marketing approaches in a theoretical way, which helps readers understand the basic concepts, but they leave many gaps in understanding how to execute. The Circle of Traction framework provides a specific direction and questions to ask on the journey to creating a successful, profitable, and growing company.”

Growth doesn’t just occur – it takes intent and deliberate action. Watch the rest of David's remarks.

Read Fast Track Your Business to help your company use this customer-centric framework to take a practical and systematic process for navigating and accelerating a sustainable path to organic growth.

Fast-Track is available in eBook, hard copy, and on Audible!


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What People Say About Fast-Track Your Business

"This book is a “MUST” read for all CEO’s and all top company executives in all industries. Most organic growth-oriented companies have a marketing organization but many companies, most commonly industrial companies chase organic growth throughout the business cycles to no avail! Laura outlines a clear path to identify the company structure needed to drive organic growth through Marketing, how to establish and measure organic growth goals and a management operating system to monitor and measure success through the Marketing’s Circle of Traction. One of the best growth books I have read, I strongly recommend this book!" - Carlos Cardoso, Former Chairman & CEO, Kennametal

"I've read a lot of business books, but this one stands out from the rest. It's both strategic and tactical in nature, provides main takeaways at the end of each chapter, stories and examples and a conceptual framework that shows the gears of business working together." - Gerri Knilans, Co-Founder and President, Trade Press Services

"Patterson provides a solid framework from seasoned experience coupled with modern realities. Fast-Track Your Business delivers a breakdown essential for any executive or CXO. Each section guides, evaluates, and introduces a new segment towards a growth mindset. The book revolves around a fantastic framework. The core axel of people, process, infrastructure, and data. Surrounding it is a wheel of operational focuses which feed one another. This perpetual motion creates a culture of resilience necessary to adapt and grow. This is a must read and offers referenceable sections to revisit as you work through your growth transformation." - Anand Thaker, CDP Institute, Advisory Board Member

"I really enjoyed the customer-centric, and an actionable marketing approach in the book. It is another insightful book from Laura Patterson. We can all benefit from rethinking our approaches to marketing and this book provides a great process to follow. The author is an incredible marketing expert with a passion for customer engagement. I look forward to the next book from Laura."  – James Burrows, Chief Operating Officer at Paradromics Inc.

“Laura is the queen of marketing metrics. But with this book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth, she has stepped outside marketing to challenge all businesses to step up their game and grow, grow, grow.”- Theresa Kushner, coauthor of B2B-Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results

“The most certain path to success for any business is true, organic growth driven by loyal customers. Fast-Track Your Business offers a detailed game plan for building a company-wide focus on the customer. In a world where every company claims to be customer-centric, Laura Patterson’s book will help your company become one of the few that really is.”- Roger Dooley, author of Friction - The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage

“Succinct explanations and applicable advice make Fast-Track Your Business a useful tool for spurring sustainable growth.”   -Foreword Reviews

”… novice and veteran marketers should find the volume of use in developing corporate strategy. A longtime advocate for marketing makes a thoughtful case for its importance in all businesses.”   -Kirkus Reviews     

“… packed with a great deal of valuable advice and information. Students of marketing and marketing professionals would do well to lend an ear.”  - BlueInk Reviews

“Fast-Track Your Business is worth your full attention…filled with rich guidance for those looking to grow their business”. – Adam Ross, Founder of

"Laura introduces a great process and visualization – the “Circle of Traction” to outline an integrated, totally customer-focused, approach to driving organic growth. She goes through this process step-by-step, with plenty of tools, examples, and cases, from the customer-demand side of the value chain on up. If you are wanting to learn more about how to help your firm drive real, profitable, organic growth: Buy this book. Read it. Use it. Love it. Give it to your team." - Ralph Oliva, Professor of Marketing, Smeal College of Business, Penn State,  ISBM Executive Director

"Many business books are written around a central idea or framework and they spend 200 pages describing it. Not this one. The author has packed decades of experience into a complete growth model. This is not a beginner's guide or a book for junior marketers. It's a book for marketing and business leaders. The content is organized in what the author calls the Circle of Traction, which covers all the elements that go into producing maximum growth in a business: the role of culture as a foundation , customer insights, customer segmentation and positioning, organizational excellence, planning, and performance management - a topic on which the author is a pioneer and an expert. What sets this book apart is the completeness of the model and the depth of thought and wisdom contained in it. This is truly a book that can transform a business." - Gerardo A Dada, Chief Marketing Officer at DataCore Software

"There are many books describing customer experience and marketing but Laura Patterson has developed a proven process that addresses culture, processes, and the "how to" instead of just theory. The book is based on her "Marketing Circle of Transaction" which is a foundation to have the book both practical and actionable. I especially like the concept of "Upstream Marketing" which brings a focus for organizations to realize their financial targets. I fully recommend this book as a necessary desk reference." - Jim Carras, Director, Customer Value Creation International

"Laura has condensed her three decades of customer-centric marketing into a weekend read that is a practical, proven guide to accelerate growth. This 7-step process enables you to adapt her best insights and transform your customer-based strategy into measurable results." - Ed Valdez, CMO & Partner, Chief Outsiders

Fast-Track Your Business is a precious gem for Marketing leaders.  It provides a complete framework for business growth with practical and actionable information.”  Max Ribeiro, Managing Partner, Operação de Marketing

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Meet the Author

The Implications of a Customer-Centric Approach with Bill Caskey

On this episode of The Bill Caskey Podcast, Bill and Laura discuss how to implement the the Circle of Traction described in Laura’s new book, Fast-Track Your Business.