Fuel Growth and Fast-Track Your Business

Guest Appearance on the Rooted in Revenue Podcast

CEOs, are your metrics telling the whole story of your company’s health? Susan Finch poses this vital question to her guest, customer intelligence expert Laura Patterson, in this episode. Laura spotlights critical yet overlooked metrics beyond sales and profit — brand equity and customer value. These interlinked measures provide unparalleled visibility into your company’s ability to attract, retain, and expand customer relationships over time. According to Laura, savvy executives harness these advanced analytics to steer product innovation, segment customers precisely, model business impacts, and ultimately make decisions that accelerate growth. Connecting the dots between these additional metrics and concrete outcomes gives you the power to future-proof your organization amid disruption. Will you lead with expanded metrics to propel competitive advantage? The insights in this episode equip you to do so.

Guest Appearance on the Born To Talk Radio Show

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, was invited by Marsha Wietecha to participate in an episode of her Born To Talk Podcast series. She and her listeners were interested in learning about building and growing a company – the path to entrepreneurship.

Marsha chose Laura because she thought her listeners would benefit from a conversation about how to accelerate growth, create business value, and improve performance via a customer-centric framework for growth, the Circle of Traction.

In this podcast, you will learn about Laura’s growth expertise, why household-named businesses engage VisionEdge Marketing to fast-track their businesses, the importance of organic growth and its components, the path to entrepreneurship and thought leadership, the Vistage Group certified workshop: The 4 Game Changers for Every Stage of Growth, the best ways to thrive during market turmoil, and strategies for achieving work/life balance

Born To Talk Podcast

How to Fast-Track Your Business With Organic Growth

Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with the market. Jim Obermayer asks Laura to walk through the step-by-step guidance for acquiring customer insights, creating customer-centric outcomes, and developing strategies and measurable executable plans.

Fuel Growth with 4 Enabling Marketing Capabilities

Time to push pass surviving to thriving. Growth takes energy. Listen to this presentation for why customer-centricity is the key to organizational growth. In this video, learn the four essential capabilities every company needs to grow. Whether you have Marketing as a stand-alone function or not, to fuel growth all four of these must be firing on all cylinders.

Proven Methods to Organically Grow Your Business

Catch the conversation between Rachit Pandey from Essity and Laura as they explore multiple aspects of Business Growth. Laura takes you through The Circle of Traction Framework and how to use it to improve Customer Centricity and data informed decisions to market more effectively and grow your business.

7 Steps to Methodical Growth - The IYM Podcast with Laura Patterson

Some companies are happy where they are, but if you have plans to grow your business, listen in as Laura and Sky Cassidy of If You Market It explore key concepts in Fast-Track Your Business.

Creating and Measuring Engagement Along the Customer Buying Journey

Laura Patterson and Sarah Bundy of All Inclusive Marketing discuss how to create and measure engagement as customers progress through the buying journey.

Inbound Back Office - Amy Foley on What's Inside Fast-Track

Laura  and Amy Foley chat about creating the customer-centric framework illustrated in Fast-Track Your Business as an approach for choosing and navigating and accelerating sustainable organic growth.

Fast-Track Your Business With Practical Tips and Tools -  Brainfluence

Laura and Roger Dooley explore how the various tools and tips in her new book, Fast-Track Your Business: A Customer-Centric Approach to Accelerate Market Growth, serve as a roadmap to grow any organization.

Put Fast-Track to Work for Your Business - Indie Beacon Show with Laura Patterson

B Alan Bourgeois, CEO and Founder of the Indie Beacon, and Laura discuss the practical tips in her newest book, Fast-Track Your Business, and how to use the ideas to grow your business.

BluHornTV - Marketing for the Future With Mike White

Laura and Mike chat about how to use Laura's new book, Fast-Track Your Business, to improve customer-centricity and maintain customer relationships during challenging times.

Accelerating Growth and Creating Customer Value

Laura and Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer for ClearAction and Customer Value Performance talk how you can how use the Circle of Traction framework to gain market growth and create customer value.

The Implications of a Customer-Centric Approach with Bill Caskey

On this episode of The Bill Caskey Podcast, Bill and Laura discuss how to implement the the Circle of Traction described in Laura’s new book, Fast-Track Your Business.

Thought Leader Life With Mitchell Levy - Accelerating Organic Growth

As part of his mission to identify 500 thought leaders, Mitchell taps Laura to discuss her background,  her book Fast-Track Your Business, and what it takes to accelerate growth through processes and data.

Your Business Story  - The Origin of Fast-Track

Laura sits down with Derek Little to explain the origin of her Amazon Best-Selling book, Fast-Track Your Business, and how to use the book and its practical advice to help companies accelerate market growth.

Change Patterns vs. Habits to Fuel Growth

This is the first of two conversations between Susan Finch of Funnel Media Radio and Laura. In this segment they discuss four actionable items to change patterns, versus changing habits.  Catch four ideas to take control and gain an edge in business and life.  Laura and Susan explore how to use ideas to expand your effectiveness. Take advantage of these tips to avoid being left behind.

Play to Your Strengths to Plow by the Competition

This is the second of two conversations between Susan Finch of Funnel Media Radio and Laura. In this segment, they discuss how to compete even if you aren't in a great position from the start. Take the challenge to succeed by finding an alternative path. Laura Patterson uses her personal experience training for triathlons, despite being a weak swimmer, to illustrate the concepts.