Necessary changes are needed within many Marketing organization who aspire to become performance-driven and demonstrate its contribution to business. Typically there are three hurdles to overcome:

  • Marginally effective at measuring. Effectiveness at measuring Marketing performance remains marginal for many organizations. This is especially true when it comes to demonstrating overall impact and financial contribution to business.
  • Measuring Impact vs Activity: Marketers believe they make a positive difference.  That’s not the same as being able to prove it.  Selecting and tracking key metrics, such as share of preference and share of wallet, demonstrate how Marketing contributes to growth and customer value.
  • Lack of benchmarks. While marketers show that they share the priorities of business and that they want to improve their ability to track and measure their value and impact. 36-46% of marketers do not audit and benchmark their metrics regularly, which prevents them from keeping pace with best practices.

High Performance Marketing Best Practices

Even if you’ve selected your metrics or crated your marketing plan, you should check out this recording to make sure you’ve built a high performance marketing plan that will deliver meaningful business results. This recording take you through five key steps to creating a measurable customer-centric marketing plan blueprint and how you can use this blueprint to develop relevant metrics and an actionable marketing dashboard. Tips from best-in-class marketing teams are shared throughout the recording.


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