Confidently Choose Your Next Segments to Enter

With 20+ years of accelerating profitable growth for 250+ companies of all sizes worldwide, Laura is an extraordinary subject matter expert. Over the course of her career, she has developed proven methodologies and models to help companies achieve their goals – more quickly. She wrote these workbooks to transfer her knowledge to DIYers.

All workbooks are practical, affordable, and speed time to the realization of specific outcomes. The resulting models, created by following the guideline processes, and performing the exercises can be used time and time again for consistent quality, and to eliminate the need and costs of reinventing the wheel, time and time again, to achieve optimized results.

How This Workbook Will Help You:

Are you considering expanding into new markets and/or customer segments and want to confidently choose the opportunities with the highest revenue and ROI potential?

By performing the exercises in this interactive workbook, you will have an apples-to-apples comparison of market and customer segment possibilities and be able to: 

  • Build a model for current, and future, expansion evaluations 
  • Identify segmentation criteria 
  • Determine ranking and weighting for the criteria 
  • Choose the best expansion candidate(s) based on an accessibility/opportunity quadrant  
  • Identify and reduce brand, ecosystem, and competitive risks in the chosen expansion area 

Purchase Details:

  • Price: $155 
  • 5th Edition (updated Q4 2022)
  • Pages: 17
  • Format: Interactive PDF

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