The ability to measure and effectively communicate Marketing performance, value (ROI), and impact, remains one of the essential capabilities and requirements of Marketing. Yet, per our most recent benchmarking longitudinal study (2001-2022), two out of three Marketing organizations fall short of C-Suite expectations, leaving them open to budget cuts that prevent them from achieving their mandate.   

All-embracing and highly visible, accountability can remedy this vicious cycle. Accountability is a combination of, a) meaningful measures, metrics, and key performance indicators; and tracking them for continuous improvement, b) an actionable dashboard that connects activities, outputs, operational metrics, and outcomes, to business results. 

Together, these two elements will show that Marketing is delivering what is expected of the organization, to a) understand the market and customers, b) develop and execute a strategy to increase market share, consideration, customer preference and lifetime value and advocacy, c) speed innovation and d) influence product decisions.   

Do you have measures for each of these? That is the subject of this workbook.  

By following the guideline processes, and performing the exercises in this interactive workbook, you will have a Marketing performance management (MPM) framework and learn: 

  • Where Marketing organizations are currently falling short of C-Suite expectations for accountability and ROI, and how to bridge the gap to become a Best-in-Class Marketing organization.  
  • 6 Marketing metrics categories and the data required for each.
  • How to use measures to construct strong logic links and metric chains between activities and business outcomes.
  • How to use metrics chains to lay the foundation for an effective dashboard that proves the value of the Marketing organizations.


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  • 4th Edition (updated Q4 2022)
  • Pages: 44
  • Format: Interactive PDF

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