Prove the Value of Marketing with Mission Meaningful Metrics 

Marketing budgets are constantly on the chopping block when sales dip, even though this is the time when increased investment is needed. You can fend off the cuts. 

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This interactive workbook will enable you to prove the ROI of Marketing investments to counter proposed budget cuts with hard data, and increase Marketing budgets year over year. 

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How This Workbook Will Help You:

All too often the C-suite doesn’t understand, or see, the value of the Marketing organization. By linking Marketing activities to business outcomes and providing an actionable dashboard, you can show your value.  Using this workbook, you will: 

1. Learn 6 key Marketing metrics categories and the data required for each 

2. Construct strong logic links and metrics chains between activities and outcomes 

3. Use metrics chains to lay the foundation for an effective dashboard that proves the value of the Marketing organization 

About the Author. With 20+ years of experience accelerating profitable growth for 250+ companies of all sizes worldwide, Laura Patterson is an extraordinary subject matter expert. She wrote this best-practice and affordable workbook to transfer her knowledge to DIYers. The models you create can be reused, eliminating the costs of reinventing the wheel.

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  • Price: $155
  • 4th Edition (updated Q4 2022)
  • Pages: 44
  • Format: Interactive PDF

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