A Combination of Culture and Leadership Style Maximizes MPM Success

Austin, TX (January 19, 2022) –VisionEdge Marketing announces the results of the 2021-22 Marketing Organization Value and Performance Management (MPM) Benchmark Study. The related, initial benchmark study was fielded in 2001 and has continued to monitor the performance of Best-in-Class Marketers (BIC), known as Value Creators.  This year’s study was done in partnership with The University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management.

“This highly respected industry project has further exposed our students to research and data analysis in a way no case study can match. It demonstrates our dedication to innovative education and research” said Rita Egeland, adjunct professor at The Jindal School. “Students gained hands-on experience in survey design, survey deployment, data collection and analysis. Most importantly, they learned to identify and validate the most meaningful findings.“

Of this year’s respondents, 61% were C-Suite professionals (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Presidents, etc.) and 54% were from B2B companies. Two of the most persistent questions from C-Suite executives following every study has been, “What factors bring about the emergence and success of Value Creators, the Best-in-Class Marketing organizations” and “What can we do in our organization to create this type of Marketing function?” The focus of this year’s study was to shed some light on these questions.

“Indeed, there is a success factor. The 2021 survey results revealed it is not organizational culture or leadership style alone that cultivate and facilitate the success of Value Creators. Individually these are not material. What we learned is that there is a specific combination of culture and leadership style that is optimal for fostering Best-in-Class Marketing organizations,” said Laura Patterson, president, VisionEdge Marketing.

After extensive research, the study incorporated Mark Murphy’s four leadership styles and the eight organization cultures based on the work by Boris Groysberg, et.al. In analyzing all possible combinations of the organizational cultures and leadership styles, we learned Value Creators were significantly more present (nearly 1.5 times) in Results-oriented cultures combined with the Steward leadership style.  The survey suggests that while additional Value Creators may surface in other cultures and other leadership style combinations, they are much more likely to emerge and thrive in a culture focused on business goals, success, winning and top performance (Results) with a leadership team that values efficient processes, cooperation, and order (Steward). They are less likely to emerge in organizations that prioritize only employee relationships (Idealist + Caring) or only results/goals (Pragmatist + Results).

The full results of the 2021-22 Marketing Organization Value and Performance Management Study How Culture and Leadership Cultivate Best-in-Class Marketing Organizations,” can be downloaded here.


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