Program Description:

For companies that operate in dynamic business environments where costs are often growing faster than revenues, there is more competition and customers are more demanding. As a result, many CMOs and CSOs are now facing some hard realities. Sales people are missing their quota and as much as 90 percent of sales opportunities do not close as forecasted. Too many new product launches and marketing programs fail to meet expectations. The tough business climate requires improved effectiveness from the two primary revenue generating arms of the business — sales and marketing — making alignment between marketing and sales more important than ever.

In our fast-paced interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the challenges and value of marketing and sales alignment
  • Learn a methodology to create a customer-centric pipeline for marketing and sales alignment
  • Explore the importance of common measures for marketing and sales to improve alignment
  • Use a case study and team exercises
  • Demonstrate how to use this approach to determine marketing payback
  • Score the degree of alignment between their sales and marketing

In our day session, the program will adhere to the outline below:

  1. Marketing and Sales Effectiveness In Crisis
  2. Attributes of Successful Effectiveness Initiatives
  3. Aligning Around a Customer Centric Model
  4. Using a Customer Centric Model as the Foundation for Marketing and Sales Improvement
  5. Why Call it A Buyer Centric Model or Buying Pipeline?
  6. Buying Pipeline Vs. Traditional Funnel
  7. Priming the Pipe
  8. Why marketing is Critical to The Buying Process
  9. Let’s Get Started
  10. Sixteen Steps to Creating a Buying Pipeline
  11. From Pipeline To Action
  12. Alignment Implications
  13. Creating Common KPIs
  14. Break
  15. Case Study: Using the Pipeline to Analyze
  16. About the Case Company
  17. Case Company Business Parameters
  18. Case Company Parameters
  19. Pipeline Stage Definition
  20. Buying Pipeline Model Parameters
  21. Case Objectives
  22. Team Assignments
  23. Team Presentations
  24. Case In Review
  25. Case Study Analysis
  26. Other Important Factors for Success
  27. Wrap Up


“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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