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Master marketingAlignment and accountability are the first steps every aspiring marketing organization must take to improve its performance management and measurement. Alignment and accountability are inextricably linked and are the cornerstones for transforming marketing into a center of excellence. Without alignment, it’s impossible to quantify Marketing’s value to the business, and to select the right metrics; metrics that measure whether you are doing the right things to generate value for the organization.

The most sophisticated data collection and analysis can be completely undermined by the lack of proper alignment.  Best-in-class marketing organizations create a direct line-of-sight between their marketing investments, activities and the business outcomes. Alignment enables Marketing to clarify the strategic intent of all the investments it makes, and to measure and communicate via dashboards the degree to which its delivers on its commitments.

Jumpstart your alignment and lay the foundation for your metrics and subsequent dashboard.  Start Now!

For more insight on how your organization can master alignment, accountability, and measurement, download our White Paper, “Alignment and Accountability: Two Anchors of Marketing Effectiveness.”

Curious as to how others have tackled the effort? Start with these Case Studies to learn how companies have benefitted from collaborating with VisionEdge Marketing to create a better line-of-sight:

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