Up Your Game with a Customer-Centric

Growth Plan

The customer expectation bar is always rising. Competitors can chip away at your markets.

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Customer-centricity is the Only Way to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Plan with the end in mind.

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How This Workbook Will Help You: 

Customers won’t wait while you make incremental progress on delivering a superior customer experience. Neither should you. Using this workbook, you will more quickly: 

1. Create an outcome-based budget that connects critical tasks to your growth plan 

2. Establish clear, measurable customer-centric business outcomes, objectives, and strategies  

3. Define performance targets and help establish the metric chains to lay the foundation for a performance management dashboard  

4. Create an outcome-based budget  

5. Connect critical tasks to specific levels of a growth plan 

About the Author. With 20+ years of experience accelerating profitable growth for 250+ companies of all sizes worldwide, Laura Patterson is an extraordinary subject matter expert. She wrote this best-practice and affordable workbook to transfer her knowledge to DIYers. The models you create can be reused, eliminating the costs of reinventing the wheel.

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  • Price: $155
  • 4th Edition (updated 2023) 
  • Pages: 64 
  • Format: Interactive PDF 

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customer-centricity, customer experience, customer loyalty, customer retention, customer segmentation, strategic planning, operational excellenceCustomer-centricity is the Only Way to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.


Expand customer-centricity throughout your organization to:

        • Improve the conversion of data into actionable and relevant insights
        • Create a strategic plan that connects data to outcomes
        • Achieve operational excellence via enhanced processes and measurement

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3 Success Factors for Your Customer-Centric Journey

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