How to Eliminate Breakpoints to Improve Customer Experience

The breakpoints in customer interactions deserve your greatest attention. Improve customer experience with these 5 steps.

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How to Use Customer Insights to Spur Growth

Customer insights are mission critical in the “Age of the Customer,” where “empowered customers” make creating a growth strategy more complex.

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Marketing Metrics in Action

Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization Description Patterson offers a realistic approach any company can put into practice. In three sections, her book advises how to figure out what to measure (what really matters); build, support, and shape the internal culture; and then translate all of the great measurement processes and ideas […]

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Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Workshop Description The more you understand your customer’s journey the better you can address opportunities to improve key business results, such as product/service adoption, expanded share of wallet, customer loyalty and advocacy. This is the value of custome journey mapping. What tools you use to create your visual map isn’t as important as how you […]

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Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop

Workshop Description The Market & Customer Segmentation Workshop (MCS) is an interactive work session designed to help organizations determine criteria and identify segments that would best meet this criteria. The following ground is covered: product category, pain points, market segmentation, criteria, ranking and weighting, segment selection. Companies seek market and customer segmentation assistance to prioritize multiple market […]

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Marketing Metrics Workshop

Workshop Description Best-in-Class (BIC) marketers have cracked the code when it comes to being able to demonstrate to the C-Suite their value, impact, and contribution. These marketers serve a strategic role for market, customer, and product decisions. They focus their efforts on more than pipeline and operational efficiencies; they are in constant pursuit of market […]

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Tuning Up Your Marketing Metrics and Measures: What They Are and Why They Matter

Business decision makers need Marketing metrics, measures, and KPIs. This article teases out the differences and explains their importance.

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How to Make Your Customer Strategy More than a Buzzword

Use Marketing Ops to help execute your customer strategy. Four areas your Marketing organization needs to improve to be more customer-centric.

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Are You Rich in Activity Metrics But Poor in Proving Value?

Marketers making headway on measuring their value to the business focus on outcome not actvitity metrics. 5 things you need to know to prove value.

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Easy Ways to Start with the Right Marketing Metrics

Behavioral metrics are important marketing metrics associated with customer and prospective customer engagement. Here’s how to select the right overall metrics and four measures for your behavioral metrics.

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