positioning platform messaging message map brand buildingAs a member of the leadership team, you know that a customer-centric positioning and messaging platform is paramount to long-term success. It is the beacon and guide for every tactic and action.  Ideally you want to take the lead defining your market position and message, rather than letting others, such as your competitors do it for you. The two elements are far too important in the buying process to be left to chance.


Build a Positioning Framework that Makes You A Market Stand Out

A solid positioning framework produces a set of customer-centric messages that can be used consistently across all channels, steps and touchpoints of the customer journey. It reflects the key attributes that are meaningful to your market and that you can own.

Position is not aspirational. It is not a wish list. It is not sales copy. This internal-only document defines a company’s or brand’s current position. Without differentiation, companies and solutions become commodities lacking compelling reasons for people to buy.  Position is most effective with an outside/in approach, which requires research to form, validate, and fine-tune your platform.


Formulate Messaging that Resonates with Your Customers

Messaging is a subset of positioning and a primary step between your position and content creation. The result of poor messaging that fails to resonate with prospects and channels is long lasting. Customer-centricity needs to be factored into every step of this process. Messaging needs to be consistent at each step of the customer journey and every touchpoint.

Why companies engage us. An ever-changing market, including new look-alike competitors, or entry into new markets or segments, often necessitates a change in a positioning and messaging strategy. To improve brand alignment with the company strategy, to create your unique value proposition, position, and finally effective messaging.

What we deliver. A fully aligned customer-centric position strategy and message map that provides consistency throughout the company and will engage customers as they move through their buying journey.  Our work includes competitors, market and customers’ research to form a unique and meaningful differentiation, validation and refinement of the positioning and messaging platform with customers in your target market.

 “Reviewing the competitive positioning was very valuable. The entire process fundamentally shifted our thinking and changed our approach to the market. We were able to get to a value proposition sales model instead of a feature-sell. We closed two very large deals far more quickly than we had in the past because of the work we did around the product and the messaging platform.”

 Rick Johnson, CEO – Amicus

positioning framdwork messaging platform brand building message map


Build a Lasting Brand Advantage to Build Customer Value

Our positioning and messaging resources and capabilities include our Positioning and Messaging workshop and a comprehensive collaborative engagement. Our time-tested proprietary methodology, JumpStart Positioning Service™, speeds the position and message process.

Ready to build brand and customer value? Here’s three ways to start.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to create a brand-building positioning and messaging strategy. The combination of our data derived decision support; our proprietary methodology, JumpStart Positioning Service™ to speed the position and message process; knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.

Message map and positioning framework workshop

Our Positioning and Messaging workshop will give you a clear idea of how your company or solution should be positioned to be successful in the current marketplace. You will have a rough draft of a positioning map that defines value, brand promise, value proposition, meaningful differentiation, concept of singularity, and a position strategy statement.

message map white board session background

Our Message Map Whiteboard session is a great place to start when your message needs to be more customer-centric, a better internal alignment tool, and stronger at engaging stakeholders and offsetting the competition. This collaborative session is conducted with you and your team over a 2 day period in 2 hour blocks.


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