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Formulate Positioning and Messaging that Resonates with Your Customers

Marketing embodies communicating your value proposition and positioning–that which makes you better and different. Your positioning and messaging framework serves as the basis for all your marketing content and communication. Ideally, a solid positioning statement produces a set of customer-centric “messages” that reflect key attributes that are meaningful to your market and that you can own. Messaging is a subset of positioning and a primary step between your positioning and content creation. The result of poor messaging that fails to resonate with prospects and channels is long lasting.

You rarely have the opportunity to make a second impression, which is why positioning and messaging are the foundation of successful and effective marketing.  Positioning and messaging are far too important in the buying process to be left to chance. Research plays a pivotal role in forming, validating, and fine tuning your positioning and messaging.  It is an upfront investment that pays off in more highly effective marketing because it allows you to develop and test your “secret sauce” and choose words that will engage and motivate your customers.

VisionEdge Marketing offers several way to fill you positioning and messaging need: through consulting via our JumpStart Positioning Service™,  within the SmartStart Services Suite™, through our Positioning and Messaging Workshop, or through our Strategic Marketing Academy™, where you can brush up on your professional marketing skills.