Are There Magic Customer Metrics in the Engagement Economy?

Three broad customer metrics have financial implications that can serve as a useful barometer for your Marketing organization in the engagement economy.

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Customer-Centric Metrics Make Your Demand Generation Dollars Go Further

There are two key customer-centric metrics you can use to help make sure you’re using your demand generation dollars effectively.

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Should You Invest? Find Out With Two Customer-Centric Metrics

If you’re lacking extensive data and analytics, this approach using two key customer-centric metrics will help you decide whether to continue to invest.

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Are You Falling for These 6 Customer-Centricity Myths?

While the top and bottom-line benefits of customer-centricity are well-researched and broadly published, some misconceptions have slipped into the conversation. We’ll debunk 6 common myths that often prevent businesses from fully embracing a customer-centric approach.

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Customer-Centric Growth: Unlock 7 Success Factors

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, achieving customer-centric organic growth has become paramount for every organization striving to stay competitive and thrive in their respective industries.  A high maturity level […]

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How Chief Growth Officers Drive Growth Through Customer Experience

Customer-centricity is the ONLY WAY to achieve growth and that means your organization must prioritize and execute customer experience initiatives as part of their overall growth strategy. To succeed develop and hone 9 primary capabilities.

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Will Your Customers Make Your Next Solution a Blockbuster Hit? | What’s Your Edge?

Ensure that your organization’s products and services success and enable you to grow, or in the vernacular of the movie industry achieve blockbuster status. These five customer-centric tips used to create successful movies are just as applicable to every organization.

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Customer Effort Measure – A Leading Indicator of Competitive CX

Developing a customer effort measure for each step in the customer buying journey and tracking it over time enables you to find and fix breakpoints, ultimately improving CX. A customer effort score (CES) measures how much effort (easy or hard) it takes for customers to interact with your organization. Create a CES score in 4 steps and use it as a meaningful leading indicator of customer experience and impacts customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

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Realize the Full Financial Benefits of Customer-Centricity

Free White Paper: “Bring Your A-Game to a Customer Empowered Market” and our “CustomerDNA” Infographic “Creating customer engagement increases customer value. A GallupPoll found that customers who are fully engaged […]

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7 Steps to Acquire and Keep Right Fit Customers | What’s Your Edge?

A right fitting customer is essential to acquire and keep customers that deliver customer lifetime value. Start with these 7 steps to find and keep customers that fit.

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