Are There Magic Customer Metrics in the Engagement Economy?

Three broad customer metrics have financial implications that can serve as a useful barometer for your Marketing organization in the engagement economy.

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Customer-Centric Metrics Make Your Demand Generation Dollars Go Further

There are two key customer-centric metrics you can use to help make sure you’re using your demand generation dollars effectively.

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Should You Invest? Find Out With Two Customer-Centric Metrics

If you’re lacking extensive data and analytics, this approach using two key customer-centric metrics will help you decide whether to continue to invest.

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Realize the Full Financial Benefits of Customer-Centricity

Free White Paper: “Bring Your A-Game to a Customer Empowered Market” and our “CustomerDNA” Infographic “Creating customer engagement increases customer value. A GallupPoll found that customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth compared to customers who are not engaged.” What you WON’T […]

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7 Steps to Acquire and Keep Right Fit Customers | What’s Your Edge?

A right fitting customer is essential to acquire and keep customers that deliver customer lifetime value. Start with these 7 steps to find and keep customers that fit.

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Customer-Centric and Data-Driven Framework Delivers Market Growth

Do you find that your customers’ expectations are constantly changing, your competition is fierce and your markets are dynamic?  If you do, these are the challenges we help you successfully and confidently address with our customer-centric growth framework. The return on customer-centricity is clear – 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a […]

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How My Grandfather’s Fishing Wisdom Applies to Customer Acquisition | What’s Your Edge?

The answer to the two important questions my grandfather asked before every fishing outing will improve your customer acquisition and Marketing and Sales alignment.

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How to Avoid Failing at Customer-Centric Marketing: It’s All in the Journey

Employing customer-centric Marketing entails understanding the customer journey and offering your customers a consistently satisfying relevant experience.

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How to Ensure ‘Customer Success’ Isn’t Just Another Overused Term

Your customer success plan is not a strategic account plan. Understand the difference and how to create and measure your customer success plan.

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How Marketing Operational Excellence Facilitates Growth and Customer Value

Operational excellence helps create an Marketing organization that can deliver on growth. Six Sigma provides a method for improving operational excellence.

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