best practice interactive workshops presentations inspire educate professional developmentWe’ve all been there. A generic, multi-company workshop, where we competed for the facilitator’s attention to answer our company-specific questions. Or a conference presentation, that didn’t live up to the “as advertised” content. The speaker droned on using a PowerPoint to remember their lines. The promised actionable idea was a no-show.

Workshops and speaking presentations should be interactive, customized to your needs, and inspire and support your teams personal and professional development. The workshop facilitator or speaker should be an expert in their field. You should actually gain actionable ideas from presentations, and new skills and capabilities from a workshop.

Why companies engage us. New projects, or a new role, often require new skills and capabilities.  Our customized presentations and interactive workshops support your investment in existing employees and their ability to upskill and achieve new goals.

What we deliver. Deep experience and proven frameworks enable us to deliver actionable best practices and strengthen your team’s capabilities.

“Before VEM’s workshop, our thinking was very tactical. Now we have some tools to help us be strategic and measure our contribution to the business.”    Jerry Levy, Vice President of Marketing – BAX Global



Speaking Engagements and Workshops that Enable Your Team to Excel

Whether you choose a speaking engagement or a workshop, these interactive programs are designed to jump start your internal performance excellence efforts. Knowing what to do is often the easy part. Making an objective analysis, customizing the “what” to your environment, maintaining momentum, and effective knowledge and skills transfer, that’s what sets these programs apart.

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Inspire your team. Secure our president, Laura Patterson, as a speaker for your team’s next gathering. Laura is a recognized authority and author of four books on the topics pf growth, customer-centricity, and performance management. These recordings provide a view into what you can expect. See our most popular programs, or we can customize one just for you. 


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Deepen or expand your team’s skills and capabilities. Our interactive workshops help you create a specific blueprint of action to improve your effectiveness to excel and increase your value to your company.



We have shared our expertise with business executives and Marketing professionals at industry and company conferences worldwide. Ready to start? Find an upcoming program you can attend. Book VEM as a speaker for your event or workshop today. Need something special? Let Us Know!


“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

Join our community to gain insights into creating growth strategies and execution; and employing growth enablers, including accountability, alignment, analytics, and operational excellence.

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