Do not confuse a plan with strategy.  A good strategy is the foundation of your plan. Your plan is what brings your strategy to life.  But first, you must have a strategy. Your strategy is what guides your decisions, establishes your priorities, and determines how your organization will run and in what direction. Setting your strategic direction is the focus of this one-day interactive session. In addition to the strategic direction workshop participants learning about strategy, the elements  required to build a strategy, how to evaluate and select a strategy, the primary output from the workshop is a viable and actionable strategic approach for the company.

Set Your Strategic Direction Workshop

The session typically run either 8-3 or 9-4 depending on the preference of the organization with 2 breaks and a lunch (provided by the company). If you’re looking for an interactive session that’s distinct from the traditional and typical strategy planning, this program is for you.  While we’ll cover the basics, the primary emphasis of this session is selecting stratgies for grwoth.

Set Your Strategic Direction Workshop Structure

The basic sections of the strategic direction workshop include:

    1. Welcome, Introductions and Objectives
    2. Strategy: The wood behind your arrow.
      1. This section addresses what is strategy, why it is important, its role in the business, and various approaches
    3. What Goes into Creating a Strategy
    4. Building Your Strategy
    5. How to Evaluate and Select a Strategy
    6. Bringing Strategy to Life: From Ideation to Action
    7. Connecting Strategy to Growth
    8. Measuring the Success of Your Strategy
    9. Action Plan and Wrap Up

There is no post work associated with the workshop.  Any follow up work to support post-workshop activity is under a separate agreement and based on the scope of work to be provided.

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