Marketing Performance Measurement “Web-ette”

The latest CMO Survey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business reveals that the challenge of how to prove Marketing’s value continues to hound CMOs. CMOs remain under pressure to demonstrate their impact.  According the study, quantitatively proving the impact of Marketing is one of CMOs’ key concerns this year. 

One may wonder why this issue remains a hurdle considering the investment Marketing leaders are making in the areas of analytics and measurement and Martech. The perfect storm of a complicated martech environment, increased global competitiveness, and pressure to align Marketing initiatives with business objectives is accelerating the need for a fresh look at performance measurement strategy.

With this thought in mind, Laura Patterson and Jeff Chamberlain of Origami Logic met to chat about some fundamental education on the language of marketing performance measurement. In recent conversations with companies we’ve realized that many marketers and business leaders are using the same words but not in the same way. What language you ask? You know, the basics…data, metrics, measures, KPIs, models and dashboards…oh my!

Listen to this brief webinar to learn to expand your performance marketing language. Wait! This isn’t one of your standard webinars. We kept it short and to the point. Build a consistent vocabulary as we define key terms like “data”, “measure”, “metric,” and “KPI”. Learn why best-in-class marketers are better at knowing what metrics matter, especially when digging deeper to understand more complex measurement tactics like Attribution. Gain insights from the 2016 Marketing Performance Measurement Annual Benchmark study, How to Make Progress on Your Marketing Excellence Journey. Join the marketers that excel at measurement, known as “value creators”, and earn the esteem of the C-suite.

Listen our first “web-ette” now. Engage in the conversation. Tell us what you think.



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