customer insights drive customer acquisiton customer retention customer growth customer valueWe haven’t met a company yet who wouldn’t like to acquire more customers and do more business with their existing customers. Most business leaders expect their Marketing organization to use customer insights to drive acquisition, retention, growth and value. Customer value is company value.

Two critical challenges impede finding, acquiring, retaining, and growing customers:

  1. Competitors. Competitors are relentless in their pursuit often of the very same customers you want. They are present at each phase of the customer lifecycle and obsessed with overtaking you in the market.
  2. Shifting requirements. As customers needs, wants, and behaviors continue to shift, it becomes harder and harder to meet their expectations.

Overcoming these two critical challenges require data-driven, actionable competitive intelligence and customer insights.

Why are data-driven, actionable, customer insights and models, so valuable? 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. This is why Marketing organizations must go beyond data to build customer value, competitive advantage, and ultimately market share.

Benefit from customer insights in several ways:

  1. Find. Finding customers takes understanding of the market, category dynamics, and customers wants and needs. Often this work requires solid sleuthing – in the form of both qualitative and quantitative research. The market and customer insights from this research along with your own data and input from your customer advisory board provide important guidance for identifying and targeting new customers.
  2. Acquire. Build and implement a plan that facilitates moving your prospect from investigation, identification, evaluation to selection and purchase.  This means you must know and understand your customers’ buying journey, their personas, the content they depend up, the channels they prefer along with your ability to competitively position your offer. All of this affects how effective you will be with the acquisition side of the Marketing equation.
  3. Keep. Insights into your customer’s experience expectations and delivering on these, how well you stack up against the competition, and your ability to bring new products/services to market that meet ongoing needs are all essential to creating loyal customers who serve as advocates and repeat customers.

Why companies engage us. Customers rely on our data-driven, actionable customer insights, measures and model development capabilities (such as predisposition to purchase, intent to buy, share of wallet, customer risk/defection, and customer vulnerability) to help overcome competitive challenges and seize customer opportunities.

What we deliver. Our battle-tested frameworks and deep domain experience enable us to help you:

  1.  Acquire new prospects.  By providing better understanding of the market including the ecosystem, category dynamics, customer wants and needs, and important guidance for identifying and targeting new customers, segments and markets.
  2. Turn prospects into customers. By moving them more quickly through the initial investigation to purchase cycle, by understanding and tailoring marketing and sales to the customers’ buying journey, their personas, and their preferred content and channels.
  3. Retain customers. By bringing new products/services to market that meet new and ongoing needs, resulting in repeat and loyal customer advocates.
  4. Grow customer lifetime value.  By identifying high value customers (e.g., upsell/cross sell, influence value and loyalty rate) so you can better tailor your remarketing, and uncover actionable feedback to identify more high value customers.

“I have worked with Laura and the VisionEdge Marketing team on various projects at several companies. Each time a key benefit was how they helped us take a more fact-based customer insights approach. As a result, whether it was new markets to pursue or how we were marketing organization
marketing, we were able to make decisions with more confidence…” Natalie Putnam, Chief Executive Officer –DeliveryCircle


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Use Customer Insights to Increase Both Company and Customer Value

Whether it’s conducting primary research, helping you establish your customer advisory board, digging into your own data, building your models, we’re here to help you acquire the data and convert it into the actionable customer insights needed to support your customer acquisition and customer retention strategies.

Start with one of these 3 options to help you find, acquire, and retain customers and increase their value:

customer journey mapping workshop

Better understand your customer’s journey so you can address cross-functional growth opportunities, such as product/service adoption, expanded share of wallet, and increased customer loyalty and advocacy. Our Customer Journey Mapping Workshop is designed to harness valuable insights to illustrate the complete customer experience: what matters most to them, what they want to achieve, and what you can do to meet their needs better than your competitors.

touch point effectiveness workshop

Touch point effectiveness helps you grow by differentiating your company from your competitors, by improving customer experience and engagement. Our Touch Point Effectiveness Workshop is designed to help you take an initial inventory of customer touch points throughout the customer experience, score the value of each touch point and assess its effectiveness.

Use our collaborative consulting to build your internal expertise.

Let’s put our heads together to find, acquire, and retain more customers and increase their value through data-driven, actionable customer insights. The combination of our data-driven decision support; our proprietary methodology to speed the customer insight process and results; knowledge and skill transfer; and change management, will help you achieve your objectives. We offer a robust, customized consulting engagement designed to address your unique needs.


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