frameworks speed business growthBusiness growth initiatives can’t wait. Competitors and shareholders are always on your heels. You need to be able to implement your initiatives quickly. You also need a high-quality result. Speed increases profitability. Quality de-risks execution.

Our services, backed by time-tested frameworks, deliver high-quality business results, quickly and affordably, so you can optimize these 5 key growth drivers:

  1. Customer-centric growth that increases profitability
  2. Data-driven growth that provides competitive advantage
  3. Upstream Marketing and organization-led growth that drives strategy and grows customer value
  4. Growth-centric cultures that solve customer problems and deliver value
  5. Operational excellence that scales growth and improves performance

Our customers leverage our 20-year tested frameworks because:

  • Frameworks, proven over time, include repeatable processes and best practice methodologies that speed time to realizing a specific outcome.
  • Frameworks enable quality delivery of growth-related initiatives, because the engagement team doesn’t have to start from scratch for standard project components.
  • Frameworks enable more time to be spent customizing each service to your exact requirements and expectations.

“VisionEdge Marketing brought extensive marketing experience with companies such as ours, so they understood the challenges of execution. Having spent some time in the agency world, I realized their SmartStart Services Suite™  [Innovation Framework] was a creative approach to this kind of work. The deliverables were clear and the methodology sound. Their use of a workplan gave us something to manage to and created a strong comfort level.”  Jo Betsy Vaught, Marketing Communications Manager — Momenta

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Leverage Our Frameworks to Achieve Your Desired Business Growth

Staying ahead of market challenges while steadily growing requires agility, flawless execution, and near-constant performance improvement. Frameworks provide the means to this end. Frameworks support business continuity, facilitate consistent quality, keep you from reinventing the wheel time and again, and free up valuable and often limited resources.

Our 4 frameworks support:

  1. Guide customer-centric positioning, planning, and innovation, via our SmartStart Services Suite™
  2. Accountability and alignment visibility of business outcomes, via Accelance®
  3. Data-driven fact-based customer and market segmentation, via our Avantage Tools Suite®
  4. Customer-centric growth led by the Marketing organization, via our Circle of Traction®


SmartStart Services™ consists of an affordable suite suite of proven methodologies.

The SmartStart Services Suite™ is an innovation framework for customer-centric, data-derived decisions related related to positioning, segmentation, market requirements, supplier criteria necessary to support innovation validation, traction, market and customer adoption.

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Accelance® is a patented Outcome-based Mapping™ methodology that visually creates direct-line-of-sight between activities and investments and business results. Use Accelance® to facilitate customer-centric alignment, improve accountability, and establish the framework for performance management.

proven growth framework business growth alignment business resources segmentation business segments

The Avantage Tools Suite® provide a data-driven approach for creating a market and customer segmentation model. Build a model that enables you to make an apples-to-apples comparison among segments. Ask for a demo.

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Our Circle of Traction framework covers the necessary requirements and actions to achieve customer-centric growth. It starts with growth foundation necessities: organizational culture, people & skills, infrastructure & tools, and data & analytics. It expands to the necessary requirements and actions to accelerate profitable growth – with a focus on Marketing as your growth engine.


“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

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