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Proven Guides for Your Marketing Excellence Expedition

Budgets remain under scrutiny and marketers remain under fire to prove their contribution, value, and impact on and to the bottom line. How well you measure performance and demonstrate ROI impacts how Marketing is treated in the organization and how much Marketing will be allowed to invest on behalf of the organization. Measurements and dashboards based on data and analytics provide the intelligence needed to make critical decisions that drive market performance.

All of us at VisionEdge Marketing have sat in your chair. We are experienced practitioners dedicated to understanding your particular challenges to improving and proving the value of your marketing. Customers depend on our customized tools and processes to propel their marketing accountability and effectiveness efforts forward. We offer proven expertise based on best practices to help you collect the right data, translate that data into meaningful insights, measure what matters, report on marketing’s ROI, and engineer performance management processes. The outcome is a stronger Marketing organization that can increase brand equity, improve customer acquisition and retention, measure Marketing’s contribution to business performance, and facilitate fact-based strategic and investment decisions.

The result is a Marketing organization that can connect its work and investment decisions to business results.

If you are looking for leading experts to enable you to identify, deliver, and measure your contribution and value, contact us today to request a complimentary consultation.


What You Can Count on From VisionEdge Marketing

Organizations worldwide are seeking to transform Marketing into a center of excellence in order to create customer value, drive growth and improve business performance. VisionEdge Marketing’s 100% satisfied customers have benefited from the company’s passion and expertise that has enabled organizations worldwide to accelerate the achievement of these goals. How?

  1. Align Marketing with business outcomes and establish performance targets to support long-term and short-term strategies.
  2. Utilize data, analytics, and models to find, keep, and grow the value of customers.
  3. Bring rigorous and repeatable processes to customer, market, and product decisions.
  4. Create metrics and dashboards to measure and report on Marketing’s contribution and calculate ROI.
  5. Transfer new skills and capabilities to become a customer-centric performance-driven Marketing organization.

Good Answers Start with Good Questions

Here are the top 12 questions companies typically have when they come to us (in no particular order):

  1. What market or customer segments should we pursue and in what order?
  2. What are our customers’ and prospects’ buying criteria or supplier preferences?
  3. How do we stack up against the competition and how can we position ourselves better?
  4. What is the ecosystem for the market we are in or want to enter and how can we leverage it to increase our traction and/or penetration?
  5. How do we validate and increase traction of new products and/or what new products should be in our innovation pipeline and how should we bring these to market ?
  6. What is our customers’ and prospects’ buying process, how can we use this to better align marketing and sales, configure our processes and systems, address lead qualification and scoring, and what metrics should we use to measure marketing’s contribution to revenue?
  7. What are the buying personas for our customers and prospects?
  8. How do we establish and manage a customer advisory board or acquire more customer insights?
  9. What metrics should we use to measure marketing and show our value,  and how should we report these?
  10. What skills, systems and tools do we need to improve marketing’s performance?
  11. How is our marketing organization performing, where are our gaps, and how do we close these?
  12. How and where can we improve our marketing processes and/or workflow?

What Customers Have to Say About Us

“We chose VisionEdge Marketing because they demonstrated the background and knowledge and successful prior experience that suggested they could help us develop the right set of metrics and achieve our goal,” Jason Horenci, Marketing VP, ING Retail Annuity

“When we asked industry peers to recommend a resource that could help us, one name was mentioned again and again, VisionEdge Marketing.” Bruce Butler, President, ETS-Lindgren

“HyPerformix chose VisionEdge Marketing because of its data-driven approach to segmentation. We wanted to work with a firm who had a well-defined methodology and existing model,” Bruce Milne, Vice President Products and Marketing, SocialWare