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Why Assess your performance and operational excellence?

Every CEO expects to understand the business contribution a function/department is making to the organization, the value of the team and its programs, and the measures and metrics that can be used by the C-Suite to understand the function/department’s impact on the business performance.

When the C-Suite understands the impact, it’s less likely that your function/department will sustain budget cuts if sales dip. It is also more likely your budget will benefit when new funds become available.

VisionEdge Marketing’s Performance and Operational Excellence Assessment was developed to help you determine how proficient a function/department is at establishing alignment with the strategic priorities and measures of the organization and its impact on your organization.

This assessment is designed to help organizations of every size identify strengths and opportunities to improve their capabilities in four critical areas: accountability, alignment, customer-centricity, and operational excellence.

With the assessment results in hand, you can confidently develop actionable plans that boost the bottom line and growth goals to increase revenue via customer-centricity.

Our proven assessments are based on 20+ years of growing 250+ companies worldwide. Identification of strengths and weaknesses is also based on longitudinal surveys, started in 1999, identifying C-level executive expectations for the ideal state versus the current state.

How it Works

Our Performance and Operational Excellence Assessment is based on how well your organization reflects your capabilities along these 4 dimensions.

1. Alignment – how proficient a function/department is at establishing alignment with the strategic priorities

2. Accountability – how well the function measures its value, impact, and contribution.

3. Customer-Centricity – how well the function focuses on high-value customer segments and has the structure in place to faciliate a customer-centric organization.

4. Operational Excellence - how well the function's processes, systems, and tools facilitate improving effectiveness and efficiency.

What Functions Can Be Assessed?

Use the performance and operational excellence assessment for any function or department, such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Development, etc. that needs to be aligned to the organization’s business outcomes, measure and report on how it is contributing to the organization’s success and runs in a way that enables the organization to be more effective and efficient.

How it Works

The assessment is based on the responses to the intake form (which includes authorizations, releases and a mutual non-disclosure agreement) for the function/department along with a review of seven primary documents, the:

  • Planning documents for you and for the organization your support
  • Reports: Performance reports, status reports, dashboards, operations, and business review materials
  • Process maps and workflows for planning, reporting, and day-to-day operations
  • Performance Measurement process map, workflow, or project plan
  • Performance Report process map, workflow, or project plan
  • The Center of Excellence Charter and Organization Structure
  • The Center of Excellence change management process map

Each assessment is for a single function/department. (see definitions below)

This assessment DOES not evaluate whether your SWOT analysis, customer insights, competitive intelligence, or market research is complete and/or accurate.  The review assumes that the data in the plan was properly acquired and vetted.

Each plan assessment is for a single department/organizational function. (See definitions below)

3 Steps to Your Assessment:

1. Purchase the Performance and OPEX assessment and decide whether you will want a post-assessment consultation. Not sure if you will need it? It can be purchased later, see below.

2. Download and complete the intake form and releases.

3. Send your intake form, signed releases, and documents to

What Happens Next?

  • Our team will review your documents.  We’ll send an email if we need any clarifications.
  • Watch your email inbox (junk folder too) at about 10 business days after you send your documents.
  • Approximately 3 days after we email you your assessment report, we’ll work together to synchronize calendars for a 1-hour consultation to review your assessment results.

Purchase Details and Store Policy

  • The price of this assessment is $2,969 and the format you will receive your report in is an interactive PDF.
  • To view the VEM store policies on refunds, payment methods, and delivery, click here.


Organizational function examples: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Research and Development, and Customer Service.

Department examples: Within the organizational Marketing function, there might be departments such as brand management, digital marketing, or market research.