Customer-Centricity, Strategy, and Planning

Unlock Your Creative Brilliance: The Ultimate Customer-Centric Value Proposition Challenge!

In the wise words of Simon Sinek, customers don't buy what you do, but rather, why you do it. Whether you’re a company of one or many, you can redefine how you approach developing a customer-centric value proposition.

Join in as Laura Patterson, and Susie DeVille, Founder/CEO of The Innovation and Creativity Institute, walk you through the process of combining the traditional methods and the power of the creativity back channels to craft a value proposition that stands out from the competition and resonates with customers.

Austin Tech Connect: Improving Tech Marketing with Laura Patterson

In this episode of "Austin Tech Connect", Laura Patterson joined Thom Singer, CEO of the Austin Technology Council to discuss how while the tactics of marketing for tech companies have evolved over the years, a customer-centric strategy never goes out of style.

Laura has been active in the local tech scene for over three decades, and this conversation centers on how tech companies should be thinking about Marketing (notice the capital "M").

Nimble Webinar: How to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023

Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara, and Founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Laura Patterson, discuss how to Develop a Customer-Centric Growth Plan for 2023!

A customer-centric growth plan serves as more than a roadmap. It facilitates alignment, clarifies how success will be measured, establishes the strategy, and all the programs, tactics, and activities along with performance targets and budget to achieve business results.

Create a Customer-Centric Message Map to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

A customer-centric message map helps ensure consistent messaging, and plays a critical role in customer acquisition and retention. Review this presentation to learn the 5 steps it takes to create a customer-centric message map.

What's My Pipeline? Podcast: Customer Centricity - An Important Key to Business Growth

Listen in as Paul Mosenson of What's My Pipeline? and Laura Patterson explore Customer Centricity; the impact of customer effort on customer retention and new customer acquisition, your pipeline velocity, and your bottom line.

Outcome-Based Budgets vs. Line Item Belt Tightening

In this episode, Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing gives suggestions for smaller to mid-size companies about building an advisory panel from your customers and why that continues to build loyalty, resources for valuable information, and your ability to better serve all of your customers. This fits into the topic of budgets and getting away from a line-items from the past, compared to outcome-based recommendations to nimbly move forward. You will pick up several tips you can implement at your own company - no matter the size - in this episode, "Outcome-Based Budgets vs. Line Item Belt Tightening."

Moments of Truth: Establishing the foundation of your CX and EX

On this episode, Laura joins BOOST to share they keys to providing a rockstar employee experience, and why even the littlest moments matter in creating experiences that impact your bottom line. We discuss how CX and EX affect each other, why culture sets the foundation for business success, and how to progressively empower your employees.

Take a Customer Journey, If You Market Podcast

Listen in as Sky chats with Laura about the Customer Journey.  Spoiler alert, you don’t get to decide what it is, but you can identify the journeys for the customers you want.  A wise person once said, “You can’t, and won’t, catch a bear with a mouse trap or a mouse with a bear trap”.

Measurement Woes? You Might Have a Planning Problem

Laura Patterson joins Bruce Brien of Hive9 in this webinar to explore how to use planning to improve measurement.  The program explores three of the most common problems: creating the right content, effectively measuring ROI, and segmenting plans to align them to specific goals and strategies.

Watch this program to learn how to tackle these pain points by looking first at any deficiencies in the marketing planning process.

How to Tweak Your Game Plan in a Dynamic World

Laura Patterson makes a guest appearance on Laura Greeno's Chit Chat on creating a plan for growth. While revenue is critical, businesses don't market to buckets of revenue. It's all about finding, acquiring, keeping and growing the value of customers. These should be the focus of the growth plan. One of the key tips discussed was starting with customer-centric outcomes.

Are You Fishing in the Right Pond with the Right Bait?

Check out Laura’s session on Are You Fishing in the Right Pond with the Right Bait for the virtual DemandGen Summit. Without a strategic customer-centric approach to the market, demandgen and Account Based Marketing efforts are akin to bait on the hook and casting your line into an empty pond. Learn how to make sure you're fishing for customers who are right for your business, and that you have what it takes to attract them.

Are You a Customer-Centric Organization?

Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, stops by to talk with Troy Scheer of Culture of Value to share insights on how you can truly know if your business is customer-centric. Laura shares how you can measure your company's response to customers and the importance of "Moments of Truth" to determine whether or not you're truly customer-centric. The conversation provides real-world examples of companies who are and those who only think they are. So, where do you stand? Are you a customer-centric business?

5 Dimensions of Quality Customer Service - Laura Patterson on Engati CX

5 important elements to keep in mind while delivering the best quality service and the process behind making persona-based customer loyalty systems.

Pipeline Engineering: Synching Content to the Customer Buying Process

Catch Laura's presentation at the FWD B2B Conference all about how to take a more customer-centric approach to developing content and connecting it to how customers buy.

Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Growth - Inbound Back Office Podcast

Growth is a result of solving customer problems at the right time with the right solution with a story that resonates with your customers.

In order to grow, it's important to be customer-centric.

Listen in on this Inbound Back Office podcast, as Amy Foley and Laura examine a customer-centric framework for choosing and navigating a sustainable path forward in order to create momentum and accelerate organic market growth.

Customer Experience for the Always-On Customer

Engati invited Laura to talk about the importance of customer experience and customer engagement as part of their learning series.

Achieve Organic Growth Through Customer Centricity

Join the conversation between Lynn Yanyo of ISBM and Laura Patterson, author of the new and fourth book, Fast-Track Your Business. as they walk through the Circle of Traction framework.

Successly Live Interview -

Adam O'Donnel in this interview with Laura explores customer lifecycle and customer experience and how to impact both.

How to Master Customer Engagement- Webinar With All Inclusive Marketing

VEM President, Laura Patterson, and All Inclusive Marketing CEO, Sarah Bundy, focus on how marketers can engage their buyers and use insight collected from customer engagement to make strategic decisions. This presentation showcases how to use VisionEdge Marketing's 6 C's of Customer Engagement to map the customer buying process and as the basis for content, touchpoint, and channel decisions.

Master a Customer-Centric Approach to Ramp Up Your Business

If you’re a marketer or a business owner, then you are competing in an increasingly skeptical, distracted, and crowded marketplace. Jon Ferrara of Nimble discusses the Circle of Traction framework that everyone can use to take a more customer-centric approach to accelerating market growth.


Reviving Customer Connections: From Now to Next with ISBM

Join this virtual Town Hall with Laura Patterson, Bob Thomas and Ralph Olivia as they discuss how to revive customer connections and why it should be a top priority.