engage us to grow help services growth consulting workshops customer centricity speaking engagements best practices customers accountability alignment data derived decisions research operational excellence thought leadership external expertsOur customers are often grappling with the challenges and complexities associated with achieving profitable and sustainable growth in a rapidly changing marketplace. Sometimes they hit a wall and need timely and practical advice. They don't need a full-time, on-site consultant. Instead, they want to touch base occasionally with an expert to answer their questions and provide advice to help ensure they are going down the right path. Or they are doing something new, e.g., establishing a customer advisory group, conducting voice of customer research, mapping the customer journey, creating personas etc., and want to know the best way to get started. There are no one size fits all business answers. We’ve developed our advisory service to meet this need.

The Foundation of Our Outcome-Based Advisory Services

We have enabled our customers to achieve growth in measurable, essential, and proven ways, based on these 5 beliefs:

  1. Customer-centricity is the Only Way to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
  2. Data-Driven insights drive innovation and provide a competitive advantage.
  3. Upstream Marketing leads the strategy to grow customer value.
  4. Operational excellence scales growth and improves performance.
  5. Growth strategies focus on solving customer problems and creating customer success.

Our Growth Advisory Areas of Expertise

As a growth strategy firm with deep roots in customer-centricity, performance measurement and management, data-driven insights, operational excellence, processes, and we provide growth advice you can trust in these 6 key business areas.

customer centric market growth strategyStrategy

Vision, mission, planning, and scenario analysis.

The best strategic and function/department plans are based on current market data; include the right measures; are well aligned, executed, and monitored; and set you up to win in your existing and new markets. If you’re not sure your plans meet these criteria and will achieve your ultimate goals, we can help you identify and fill strategic planning gaps. Below are some of the questions companies have asked us in this key business area:

"We wanted a firm with technology experience, a firm that could blend marketing and technology...had expertise in both strategy and measurement. VisionEdge Marketing has the experience and expertise (we) needed."

- Benjamin Tosado, former SVP Digital Transformation, Conquest Cyber

customer centric customer centricityCustomer-Centricity

Unique value proposition, positioning and messaging, customer journey maps and touchpoints, customer-centric culture, and customer advisory programs.

While not equivalent to the SOX Act, there might as well be a Customer-Centricity Act. It has been mandated by customers and there is a risk in not delivering a competitive level customer experience. Every company is working to up its customer-centricity maturity level to acquire, retain, and grow the value of more customers, ultimately turning them into advocates.

We can help you identify and fill your customer-centricity gaps to become a market leader. Below are some of the questions companies have asked us in this key business area:

“We wanted to explore adding a new capability to support our customer buying process but needed more information about the various technology solutions and how these might work with our existing infrastructure. We turned to VisionEdge Marketing who had the expertise. As a result, we have a clear path forward."

- Robert Cook, GM Business Optimization & Strategic Sourcing at Bid Group of Companies US Ops

market segmentation customer segmentation customer-centritic data driven decisions growth

Metrics & Measurement

The right-for-your-company measures, metrics, and key performance indicators improve performance, speed growth, impact customer, and prospective customer, engagement, and increase conversion. They should show the links between activity, output, operational, outcome-based leading indicators, and predictive metrics.

We can help you identify and fill your measurement and metrics gaps to improve performance and support better business decisions. Below are some of the questions companies have asked us in this key business area:

“I have worked with Laura and the VisionEdge Marketing team on various projects at several companies. Each time a key benefit was how they helped us take a more fact-based customer insights approach. As a result, whether it was a new market to pursue or how we were marketing, we were able to make decisions with more confidence…”

- Natalie Putnam, former Chief Executive Officer - DeliveryCircle

customer value improve performance business leaders marketing dashboard dashboards analytics measures dataPerformance Management Dashboard

Every CXO we talk with says their dashboards are not up to the task of communicating performance and providing actionable insights needed to facilitate critical business decisions. They are not confident they have the right measures, metrics, and key performance indicators with a strong logic chain between activity measures, output metrics, and business outcomes.

We can help you identify and fill your dashboard gaps which will result in a robust dashboard that is displayed in an easily digestible form for your team. Below are some of the questions companies have asked us in this key business area:

“We now have a set of quantifiable outcomes on which to build a more strategic, measurable marketing plan and a set of metrics for the dashboard that more clearly communicates Marketing’s impact.”

- Darren Bridges, President - Safe Systems, Inc.

data analytics analytical growth goals opportunities performance improvement customer value model building optimizing productivity

Analytics and Data Models

Analytics and data modeling provide a scientific approach to deciding where to invest to meet ever-changing customer needs and ultimately achieve organization-wide, customer-centricity.

Achieving growth goals, creating customer value, and improving performance isn’t as easy as plugging a data set into a tool.

“While Leading a global project to define and track marketing’s influence on revenue, we determined we needed to create a data model. We were working to a firm deadline, so after evaluating our internal options, I reached out to Laura. She and her team are well-regarded for both marketing analytics and accountability.”

- MIchele Marvin, Senior Director - StudioNorth

operational excellence marketing operations centers of excellence growth performance management business excellenceOperational Excellence

Process mapping, performance standards, data, analytics and models, and continuous improvement.  

Growth becomes more challenging as organizations scale and increase in complexity. To be truly successful and deliver real value to the business, organizations need to be more agile and strengthen their operational capabilities. The rate of internal innovation must exceed the rate of external innovation.

You are not alone if you have not yet achieved the optimum operational excellence maturity level. Below are some of the questions companies have asked us in this key business area:

“I have worked with Laura for the past 20 years in multiple software companies.. I have no reservations in recommending Laura or VisionEdge Marketing to any company who needs to build, fix, or optimize… processes, and results."

- Gerardo Dada, CMO - Catchpoint

How to Get Your Better Growth Advice

One Inquiry at a Time

Ideal for quick answers to singular questions.

$350 per inquiry

Price Options

For a Few Inquiries in a 1-3 Month Period

Ideal for short-term projects where you anticipate multiple questions within 1-3 months. No hands-on services. 

$1200 per month

Price Options

For Inquiries to Support Long-term Projects

Ideal for individuals and teams needing expert guidance throughout a project.