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Customers Share Engagement Experience & Results in Case Studies

Many of your colleagues travel your same path. It’s been our privilege to facilitate and accelerate their mission to more tightly connect marketing to business performance and measure the value of their marketing. Download these cases to learn how they benefitted from collaborating with VisionEdge Marketing.

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  • The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) primary national research and development laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency. NREL works with agencies and public and private organizations around the world to support the appropriate deployment of renewable energy technologies. To facilitate the adoption process of new energy technologies, entities known as Regional Resource Centers (RRCs), serve on the front line to provide needed information and introduce new technologies to stakeholders. Learn how NREL employed VisionEdge Marketing’s process to create a data-driven metrics approach for evaluating the impact of the RRCs on the adoption process.
  • Safe Systems is a national leader in providing IT solutions exclusively to financial institutions. Like many businesses, Safe Systems was faced with the challenge of shifting its business philosophy from a primarily small business opportunistic approach to a more strategic mid-sized company. The company created a vision and a plan for growth and realized the critical role marketing plays in the implementation of this growth plan. Discover how Safe Systems utilized VEM's Accelance® Methodology and Application to align marketing to the business and develop metrics to accurately measure marketing's impact and demonstrate marketing's value.
  • Kennametal is a world leader in the metalworking and wear solutions industry, serving customers in 60 countries. According to Kennametal’s VP and CMO, the “entire leadership team believes marketing is a critical driver for growth, which puts the burden of proof on the team to demonstrate that marketing is more than an exceptional service provider and producer.” As a result, the marketing team needed the ability to connect the impact of their marketing initiatives to business results. Like many marketing organizations, there were an extensive number of metrics in place that showed that Marketing was busy; what wasn’t clear was whether the team was working on the right things. In this Case Study, learn how the Kennametal team employed VEM’s expertise and patent-pending Accelance® software to create an actionable marketing blueprint that provided clear alignment between Marketing and the business, defined customer-centric outcome-based metrics, and a roadmap for further operational development.
  • Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU), a full-service financial institution located in Virginia, is one of the top 50 credit unions in the nation. Similar to other marketers, the NWFCU marketing team faced data access and quality challenges. Learn how VisionEdge Marketing helped this experienced marketing team use market and customer data and analytics to create a marketing strategy and a measurable marketing plan to create a segmentation-based strategy to accelerate growth.
  • Transforming from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric with a Focus on Accountability. This case study gives insight on how Winton Global Homes used our Outcome Based Mapping methodology to produce a customer-centric measurable marketing plan.
  • Microsoft presented CONQUEST Technology Services with an opportunity to be a “go-to” partner in their region for their new Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) solution. This case study discusses how CONQUEST used VisionEdge Marketing's Outcome-Based Mapping methodology to produce a customer-centric measurable marketing plan with quantifiable business results to become Microsoft's "go-to" partner in their region.
  • Many companies need more external data to make important decisions regarding sales and marketing processes. This case study describes how Howden Buffalo Inc. used cost-effective qualitative research to gain insight into customers' and prospects' buying criteria and the supplier selection process. Learn how Howden used this information to understand supplier preferences and perception in order identify new opportunities and reduce the sales cycle.
  • This case study provides insight into how TÜV SÜD America Inc., a globally recognized testing, inspection, and certification organization, leveraged VisionEdge Marketing's "Six Steps to Creating a Customer-Centric Measurable Marketing Plan" to provide a clear roadmap for how Marketing is working with Sales to meet operational and sales goals.
  • This case explains how VisionEdge Marketing helped Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV), a low-cost airline based in Dallas, Texas and the largest airline in the United States and the world (based on the number of passengers carried per year, as of December 31, 2007), develop a measureable customer-centric plan and a repeatable planning process. Many a time, the sales and marketing organization has a general idea of what they need to do to accomplish various goals, but without a focused effort or a well-articulated roadmap to follow they are unable to define what is working and what specifically needs to be done. This case is an example of how a measurable customer-centric integrated sales and marketing team can improve marketing through defining measurable objectives, organizing information better, defining key customer-centric metrics for measuring marketing, and identifying missing pieces of information needed to make better decisions.
  • This case study explains how the Elsevier Science and Technology product marketing organization used the VisionEdge Marketing process and training to professionalize their team and adopt a performance management approach. A key question for the team was how to measure their impact on the business. Learn how this team used a mapping process to ensure alignment between product marketing and the business and to identify metrics to monitor and measure performance and how the process has transformed the team into a strategic partner and best practice center.
  • This case study reveals how a financial services organization used the VisionEdge Marketing Accelance® process to establish measurable objectives and budget to link marketing more directly to the business. This business invests millions of dollars to market its products. A key question is whether the organization is optimally allocating these funds. Learn how this team gained the ability to establish and measure results against performance targets within their payback parameters and how for the first time they can measure their contribution in terms that are meaningful to their executive team.
  • VEM's MarketSmart Segmentation Model™ provides a repeatable process a company can apply on an on-going basis to power growth. This case study outlines how VisionEdge Marketing helped HyPerformix establish objective data-driven criteria and use the process for analyzing and prioritizing customer and market segments. Learn how HyPerformix used the segmentation approach to improve conversion rates and reduce selling time. The case study outlines the process and describes how the model enables companies to evaluate market and customer segments along two axes: Accessibility and Opportunity.
  • This case study explains how VisionEdge Marketing worked with Kronos, Inc., a global provider of human capital management solutions, to build a marketing dashboard. VisionEdge Marketing deployed its MetricsFirst™ service to help Kronos develop a set of marketing objectives directly tied to corporate initiatives and concrete metrics to enable better integration, collaboration and improved efficiencies.
  • This case study illustrates how VisionEdge Marketing assisted Briggs Stratton, an engine power products group, in creating a metrics framework to tie PR to business results. The case study reveals how the team shifted from media impressions as the primary measurement to metrics that provided insight into how a specific PR initiative affected the brand and sales.
  • This case study explains how VisionEdge Marketing's worked with ClearCube, a leader in PC Blade Solutions, to redefine their pipeline to make sales forecasts more reliable and accurate and improve alignment between marketing and sales. The case study discusses the process used over a three month period to create and validate the pipeline stages and to integrate the process with
  • A leading international firm of micro-economists that provides practical economic analysis and advice to wanted to understand whether their investment in marketing was paying off. This case study explains how VisionEdge Marketing leveraged their MarketStrength Audit™ to reveal areas where the marketing organization was performing well and where there were opportunities for improvement.
  • This case study explains how VisionEdge Marketing's research and metrics capabilities were utilized to help Tektronix, a worldwide leader in the test, measurement and monitoring industry, capture customer information and create customer metrics designed to expand Tektronix's ability to service their customers. The research methodology used to help Tektronix better understand the current and potential Share Of Wallet among their customers as well as how brand preference and loyalty impact customer purchasing behaviors is outlined in the study, along with a brief overview of new customer metrics created. As a result of the work, VEM's research identified the three most critical purchasing factors for buyers of products provided by Tektronix and greater insight into Tektronixís competitive advantage.
  • This case study illustrates how Zebra Technologies, a leading global provider of rugged and reliable specialty printing solutions, used by more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 and global 200 companies, secured VisionEdge Marketing's MetStrat™ Service to align the marketing organization to business objectives, define metrics targets, create a dashboard, and socialize these within the company to more effectively measure ROI.
  • This case study illustrates how BAX Global, Inc., a $2.4 billion supply chain management and transportation solutions company, utilized VisionEdge Marketing's Marketing Plan Assessment Program™ (MPAP) and its Metrics First Lab™ to identify and improve their metrics to better evaluate marketing's contribution.
  • This case study recaps how a model developed by VisionEdge Marketing helped BOXX Technologies better estimate their total available market; align sales and marketing processes for greater effectiveness; and develop an action plan to increase market share and incremental revenue. NOTE: Only registered users may download case studies. To login or register for an account, please click the login link at the top of the page.
  • This case study examines how tablet PC innovator, Motion Computing, relied on VisionEdge Marketing's research capabilities to validate product features and make informed decisions on feature trade-offs prior to freezing product specifications. The research methodology utilized a cost-effective mix of focus groups, one-on-one interviews and Web interviews to gather input from across the nation.
  • This case study illustrates how VCON, a company that develops and manufacturers collaborative communication solutions, worked with VisionEdge Marketing to establish a key set of metrics that crossed markets and regions and served as the foundation for a marketing plan and budget the management team could evaluate based on business outcomes. Many companies are looking for business metrics and indicators they can use in marketing to assess not only their progress but also their strategic contribution. While closed-loop marketing metrics have their place in driving short term sales increments, companies also need strategic metrics that focus on long-term market position and out performing the competition. If you are looking for metrics that show management how economic value and shareholder value are directly related to customer value, then this case study may be a good place to begin.
  • TengoInternet, a wireless Internet service provider, wanted to shift its growth into high gear by quickly and thoroughly analyzing potential market segments for expansion. They needed to outsource the work and asked VisionEdge Marketing to conduct the research, analysis, and make recommendations.
  • Centerpulse Orthopedics wanted to instill additional market-centric practices within their predominately technical marketing department to meet the challenges of a dynamic and competitive marketplace. They looked to VisionEdge Marketing's Strategic Marketing Academy™ to effectively equip the organization with new tools, processes, and skills. NOTE: Only registered users may download case studies. To login or register for an account, please click the login link at the top of the page.
  • This case study examines how VisionEdge Marketing used its market analysis methodology for a successful private software company to identify new commercial opportunities for its new product family. A key goal of the assignment was to help the CEO of Infoglide Software inform the Board of Directors on where the company should invest next and the overall market potential of the company.
  • Companies can be quite successful with their products in certain markets and still decide they want to identify new markets for these existing products. This case study explores how Vignette, a content management and portal solutions company, used the VisionEdge Marketing's MarketSmart™ methodology to evaluate the relative business opportunity of a number of potential markets. As a result of this work, the company was able to identify several new markets they could quickly tackle.
  • More and more companies are relying on the phone to identify and qualify new prospects. Oftentimes, traditional telemarketing isn't as effective as hoped. This case study reveals how EPSIIA used VisionEdge Marketing for intelligent phone follow up to gather data and assess the needs of the targets resulting in identifying new and immediate business opportunities.
  • When the market changes a shift in business strategy may be required. This was the case for Amicus, a company that helps companies in the financial services industry improve their business processes. This case study reviews how competitive analysis, primary research, and a strategic positioning platform can provide the ingredients for changing business strategy. It certainly worked for Amicus, resulting in the company closing large deals far more quickly than previously possible.
  • This company realized that before it repositioned itself and changed its sales collateral, presentations and web site it needed to develop a solid strategy based on objectivity and market research. VisionEdge Marketing helped to arm it with a positioning platform that precisely and strategically describes the company in a compelling manner that differentiates the firm from other VCs.
  • Whether you're an early stage company or one that's ten years old, opportunity development and lead generation remain an integral part of marketing's charter. This case study for Baxter Planning Systems in the supply chain management space, provides an excellent example of how primary research, sharp strategic positioning and rapid-fire execution of a lead generation plan can have a measurable impact on a company's buying pipeline, in this case a 500% improvement. The case study also contains good advice on how to get the most results from key industry trade shows.
  • As companies make marketing investments they often realize they need to improve their measurement systems accordingly. This was the case for Metrowerks, a software tools developer who wanted to renew their focus on metrics with an emphasis on better correlating their spending with results. The case study demonstrates how VisionEdge Marketing's PowerStart™, within the VisionEdge Marketing SmartStart Services Suite, enabled The Metrowerks management team to more tightly correlate marketing investments with results.
  • Identifying new market opportunities is a key task for any marketer and a major challenge when budgets and resources are limited. This case study reveals how Pervasive Software, a data management company, relied on VisionEdge Marketing to conduct qualitative research on new market opportunities. The research provided insights in provider evaluation criteria and purchasing attributes that helped the company validate assumptions and move forward with critical new business decisions.
  • Non-profits are always in search of funding and spend a good portion of their energy seeking investors. A young, technology-focused non-profit within Austin's Independent School District was having difficulty communicating its value to potential investors. This case study highlights how the, VisionEdge Marketing's HeadStart™process enabled them to formulate their messaging and build out their investor presentation. The group used the content to secure funding via grant applications and investor meetings. NOTE: Only registered users may download case studies. To login or register for an account, please click the login link at the top of the page.
  • Mergers and acquisitions continue to be commonplace in today's environment. Following a slew of mergers and acquisitions over just a few years, ETS-Lindgren, a testing and measurement company found itself managing a plethora of brand identities and value propositions. They realized they needed to simplify and consolidate their marketing efforts. This case study reviews how gathering customer intelligence and using the JumpStart™ methodology solidified the company's branding platform, and provided a realistic plan of action to bring focus to the company's brand strategy.
  • Block and tackling tactics can only take a company so far and then it's time to be more strategic. This was the situation for Catapult Systems who had an online research survey tool they felt had great market potential. This case study highlights how the company used processes in the VisionEdge Marketing SmartStart Services Suite™ to move from a feature-based, tactical marketing approach to a strategic, value-based one. A positioning and launch strategy for its premier product was developed and new marketing tools and tactics around this strategy were created. These changes were instrumental to the company's record sales and subsequent media attention in the following quarter.
  • Service companies often experience a number of challenges when the number of competitors increase. After years of relying on referrals to generate revenue, Momentum Leadership, a small organizational development firm, decided that it was time to revise their marketing strategy to more actively pursue new business and fend off incoming competitors. By utilizing VisionEdge Marketing's JumpStart™ and PowerStart™ methodology, the company reduced and reworked their competitive advantage.
  • A successful IPO and strong alliances provide a good foundation. Yet they are often only the beginning. With a strong foothold in the remote networking services market, NetSolve wanted to expand their awareness among channels and end-users in a thoughtful planned fashion based on a solid brand strategy. This case study highlights how using VisionEdge Marketing's JumpStart™ and PowerStart™ methodology creates a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan that can be quickly developed and staged for rapid implementation.
  • Even companies with MBAs realize there is value in honing their marketing skills. TManage, a provider of secure remote solutions, utilized VisionEdge Marketing's Learning Services to develop a customer-focused integrated marketing plan. This case study explores how onsite workshops can help marketing departments produce a marketing plan within a short timeframe.
  • Prior to their company launch, BroadCloud, a wireless technology provider asked VisionEdge Marketing to create a positioning framework that would help them dominate the wireless Internet market. In the JumpStart™ discovery sessions, VisionEdge Marketing worked to position the company appropriately within the marketplace and evaluate potential competitors. The framework was adopted across the company and also provided a foundation for creating collateral material.
  • We live in dynamic times and companies need to be nimble. When a mobile computing company realized they needed to shift from a B-to-C to a B-to-B, they looked to VisionEdge Marketing's expertise to help them reposition their company and products. Momenta found VisionEdge Marketing's primary qualitative research approach in QuickStart™ and the positioning methodology of JumpStart™ a valuable approach for developing its messaging and brand strategy. As a result, the company repositioned itself into a new and growing market with a strong story and value to offer.

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