Performance Management Dashboards Metrics Assessment

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Unlock the Full potential of your dashboards

Organizations find themselves equipped with dashboards that, while rich in data, fail to provide actionable insights.

For many companies, performance management dashboards often become a collection of numbers and metrics reporting activity and outputs without facilitating decision-making or driving business results. This gap between data collection and utility hinders growth, slows strategic decision-making, and obscures the value of departments within an organization.

Our Dashboard and Metrics Assessment is designed to ensure that your performance management dashboard and measures enable you to:

  1. Unify Your Vision: Project a unified, enterprise-wide strategic view of your function’s/department’s performance.
  2. Measure What Matters: Gauge performance, monitor progress, and facilitate business decisions based on relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and insights.
  3. Stay Ahead of Risks: Manage risk and monitor whether you are interactively on track with an at-a-glance view.
  4. Demonstrate Your Value: Link your function’s/department’s activities and investments to business results to prove their value.

Don't let your data be just another report. Turn it into your competitive advantage. Purchase the Performance Management Dashboards and Metrics Assessment to use your data to the fullest

How it works

  • Purchase the assessment.
  •  Please provide the following documents for assessment:
    •   The file for the dashboard to be assessed.
    •   Your dashboard development process map/workflow.
    •   Your metrics catalog.
    •   Your measurement process map/workflow.
  • Fill out and send us the intake form and documents.
  • receive your detailed report in about 10 business days, with an option for a 1-hour review consultation 3 days after the assessment results are sent.

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