Guest contributors are welcome on our VisionEdge Marketing #SmartBusiness blog. To move your content to the consideration phase, please read all of these sections:

  1. Current preferred sources of guest content
  2. Content focus and requirements
  3. Submission requirements and process

If you, and your content, meet all of these requirements, please contact me (Laura) at with submissions and/or questions.

How to Share Your Wisdom on VisionEdge Marketing’s Blog

contributed content guest post guest author content marketing blog smartbusiness Current Preferred Sources of Guest Contributors

We receive dozens of submissions per month. We accept and publish 1-2 guest posts per month. Google has changed the way it views guest contributed content. So, at this time, we are only considering submissions by, or recommended submissions from, people or companies with whom we have a trusted relationship. Within this group we are prioritizing requests from people and companies who are seeking reciprocal guest content. Check back in a few months to see if anything has changed. Thank you for understanding.

Content Focus and Requirements

All contributed content must be relevant to our #SmartBusiness blog readers. Our audience is B2B business executives. This includes members of the C-Suite, Marketing executives and executives responsible for the Marketing function (CEOs, CMOs, CGOs, VPs of XYZ Marketing), Marketing Operations, Data Scientists, Marketing Analysts, Customer Success, Strategy, Product Marketing, and Performance Management professionals.

Our audience wants to learn new ways and best practices to approach business growth challenges. They expect at least one good and actionable idea from each piece of content. Your submission needs to speak to both our audience and their expectations. So, your content must be:

  • Focused on strategies and execution; and employing growth enablers, including accountability, alignment, analytics, and operational excellence. See the “Engage Us to Grow” section of our website for more detail on blog topics.
  • Informational and inspirational, not promotional. Write from an objective viewpoint Generally, avoid the use of “I,” “we” and “our.”
  • Professionally written. This includes the level of information presented, clarity, conciseness, grammar, etc.
  • Written to SEO best practices. Articles should be at least 800-1,000 words, but not much more than 1,200. Feel free to include up to 4 images (photos, charts, graphs, and the like), but only if they help convey a point and they do not violate copywrite laws. If you do not provide an image, VisionEdge Marketing reserves the right to insert one.
  • Original, not previously published elsewhere. You retain copyright of the post; we ask that you not republish it elsewhere for at least 30 days after it’s published on our site.
  • Attributable to a real person and include both a short “about the author” bio, social media contact information and head shot. Smile please.

Other notes:

  1. We reserve the right to make minor text and link edits. We will link your content to content on our site where it is appropriate.
  2. Please include recommended keywords with your submission.
  3. Links in the text back to your site are fine, just keep them reasonable. Please include at least one link to an external expert site that is not a competitor to VisionEdge Marketing.

Contributed Content Submission Requirements and Response

Guest submissions must use Laura’s first name in the greeting in order to be considered. ANY other form of salutation will be marked as spam.. The subject line must read: “Guest author request from <insert your company name>”.

ONLY email requests, from a real person with good intentions (not a mass outreach or for a link dump) will be considered. Requests via any other media/channel/sources, including our contact us page will be rejected and blocked.

ONLY content submitted as Microsoft Word files, sent as email attachments (NOT as a PDF or other file type; not as a Google Doc or similar format link; and not pasted into the body of your email) will be considered.

If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose as much to us and the audience.






“I love your articles and advice – I feel like everything you write is thought-provoking and actionable.” – Marcie, Marketing Director, Technology industry.

Join our community to gain insights into creating growth strategies and execution; and employing growth enablers, including accountability, alignment, analytics, and operational excellence.

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